Exploring Chateau de Beynac

Morning pumpkins! I am back as promised!

As previously discussed we were staying in a place called Beynac-et-Cazenac for the first week of hols! One of the main attractions in the town is the Chateau which is perched high up on a hill! It’s a bit of a trek but it is most definitely worth it! We were staying 5 minutes away from the Castle and there is visitor parking by the river which is directly opposite to the road that leads to the chateau! The weather was awful unfortunately and we all got soaked in the decline as the heavens decided to open and all hell was let loose! Despite the rain and awful hair it was still an enjoyable experience and I shall leave you all with some photos of the chateau

*Photos taken by Will*



It was quite the experience as four men battled the steps with a buggy and surprisingly the little one did not wake up! It was a shame that it was so overcast! I just absolutely love the french architecture! I was totally in my element seeing gorgeous thatch roof cottages with the most beautiful painted shutters you ever did see!

Until next time




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