It’s the little things

long and overdue meaningful Monday!


For me personally, it’s the little things that matter. It’s the things that do not necessarily require a heap of money, it’s the childish and silly things that make you belly laugh and tears form that are worth remembering. At the end of the day materialistic things will expire. Memories will not. Memories will never fade or slowly decay. I love to document moments in my life, whether that is through blogging, taking a photograph or archiving that particular event to my off site memory storage. The things that matter the most are sometimes things that you fail to acknowledge.

  • kisses on the cheek
  • belly laughter that induces tears
  • smiles
  • sparkly eyes
  • warm loving embraces
  • kind words
  • acts of love and generosity
  • silliness

That is what matters most of all.



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