It’s always better when we’re together

24th June 2016

The day that changed the future for the younger generation. The day where we signed away our allegiance with the European Union. The day the pound went down to 1.2… The day the history of English law will have to be rewritten. The day we stupidly decided that enough is enough.

Congrats guys you got it! We are out!

Barclays is down 35% this morning. The stock market has fallen 8%. Financial shock waves are apparent.

This is real!

I am disappointed to be associated with the North. Sheffield voted to leave. I fail to see how people think leaving is going to benefit us? What if we want to rejoin once all the idiots that voted leave realise the impact of their decision? We have lost 27 other countries. We are on our own.

David Cameron could also be going? What next?

From a law students perspective we had a lot more freedom with the EU. We had the right to provide our services in other member states and we had the right to become established. We had the right to freely export our products, we had the right to freely walk into the other 27 member states. We had all of this. Had.

This is one terrible day. Britain has made their bed and they now have to lie in it. There will be no immediate changes but this doesn’t mean that there wont be changes for the younger generation. I guess that first I got in EU law no longer truly matters. After all the ignorant older generation have decided on how our future will be shaped.

Me bitter? Oh of course not…

I’m just one of the 48% that used their heads in order to make that decision.

But what does a 21 year old girl know? Probably nothing…


Lets just bear in mind that it is our generation that must live with the result of the EU referendum. 

over and out.



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