Adventures in the Midi-Pyrénées!

Hello little Chums of mine! 

I still have a ton to talk to you about regarding hols! We visited a lot of beautiful towns and bastides (which is still one of our fave words!) It really was a beautiful part of the world! So quaint, peaceful and relaxing! If you want to escape to a little corner of Europe where she can get peace and quiet the MidiPyrénées is most definitely on my list of recommendations! So without further a do lets jump in and I shall try my absolute best to remember as many details as humanly possible! So here is a snapshot (in photos) of some of the historical and beautiful places we visited!

Monpazier is one of the best kept bastides in the Dordogne! When we visited, the weather was a little rubbish but it didn’t stop up from exploring! We had lunch at this gorgeous pizzeria which made the nicest homemade pizza and we even managed to sit outside to eat it! The pizzeria was called Chez Minou and I would highly recommend it!






I would love to show some more photos but I respect people’s privacy and therefore these will have to suffice! We parked at this carpark which was right next to a playground and a football pitch and it even had an assault course for adults! The boys of the party of course took to the pitch whilst the little one played happily on the apparatus!

After we had eaten and finished kicking (I was merely an observer) the ball around we hopped back into our respective cars and drove to a place called Limeuil! It is known as one of the most beautiful villages in France! It had been raining heavily so the Dordogne river had started to flood and it was quite apparent that it had burst its banks upon our arrival!



Like most quaint little towns in france (Bastides normally) it involved walking up hills to get to the main attractions! The little arch way lead to the main town itself and lead to some beautiful gardens which were right at the top! Also have I mentioned how much I LOVE the French’s architecture? It is absolutely beautiful and so unbelievably quaint!





This incredible house was built into the rock face.



Monpazier and Limeuil were beautiful places to visit! If you ever get the chance to explore… definitely take it up! Sorry about the short break in posts! I will be posting an ‘admin type’ update tonight and will give you more details on what is in store for Charzweb!

I hope you enjoyed hearing/seeing some of the snaps Will took whilst we were on holiday!

Love C xxx

*All photo credit goes to Will*



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