Update, blogging and general chit chat!

Evening my little webblings! 


I feel like its been an age since I sat down and had a little chit chat with you all! So as you can probably tell I’ve been on holiday to France fairly recently and that has been the topic of discussion! I had quite a lot of content so I have been spreading it out! In actual fact I am still merely on the first week! So stay tuned for some more cute photos and France chitter chatter! I will at some point do a university type update post because I am still actively trying to make this blog an accurate representation of my life (for me and for you lovely ones!) I have not lost sight of my aims and goals for my part of the webosphere (more on that in a bit!) So yes the next part of the blogs will probably be based around our time in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val (which is where we went for the second week and we of course stayed in a different place and you will hear more about it in the coming days/weeks!

Life wise, its been a pretty crazy time and I guess thats why I’ve taken a step back from blogging (I really do not have an excuse for the lack of posts…) I just hope you all understand how life can sometimes get in the way of things! I’m sure it happens to all of us from time to time! I cannot believe this blog is over a year old now! I mean where on earth has the time gone!? It is absolutely crazy! I feel like I just need to reiterate that I very much started this blog for one purpose only. It was a way of documenting all those dreamy adventures, it was a way of showcasing all those photos that I took and it was a way that I could look back on all those fond memories in years to come! That is still very much my blogging ethic. I was adamant that I was not going to just write content such as reviews (even though I love reading such things) I was doing this for me and for the future and if people happened to like what they stumbled across then this was an added bonus! I’ve gained some loyal webblings over this time and you have no idea how much I value you reading my content and subscribing to my little piece of the interweb! I really do love you guys! You have no idea how excited I am to answer your comments and when my phone pings with a notification from wordpress I still feel excited that you are still interested in what I’m posting!

One thing for sure is that my blogging ethic will not change!

I feel like everyone has a blog these days or a youtube channel or something or other and I guess people can feel like they are in direct competition. These days its all about the ads. I vowed to myself to never just merely turn my blog into commercial advertising (ask Will I am absolutely rubbish at being girly…) I cannot paint my nails for jack and I simply wear what I like (dungarees are a given!) so it would be a bit silly to try and be someone I’m just simply not!

I was messaged on one of my social media platforms whilst on holiday by a New York based company which were enquiring whether I would like to become a contributor on their website. I thought about it for a week or so, bearing all of the above in mind. They are fairly new and upcoming and of course the idea was thrilling! I get to do something I love and I’m being recognised for it. I think their exact words were…

“We strongly admire your content on life adventure. Your writing abilities and ability to engage readers is remarkable and a very rare asset in this days and age oversaturated blogging community”

That is what ultimately made me decide to accept the offer! You can post what you like (meaning I can focus on being meaningful and grateful still!) I can hopefully share my gratitudes and remain the blogger I always vowed to be! I will still be posting on Charzweb because this has been my baby and I have loved and nurtured it and spent many hours changing how it looks and operates! I am planning to get a structure going on this blog again with meaningful Mondays, the odd travel Tuesday and weekend gratitudes! I will of course document any breaks and adventures sporadically! I am supposed to be working throughout late July and August but I will still be actively posting and then in September I have a few things coming up! I will be turning 22, moving into my Studio flat and we have decided that instead of staying in Sheffield we will hire a cottage in the Peak District for a week  and then just go back and forth! It is my final year in South Yorkshire! I have a feeling I am going to be fairly busy as it is my finals and one of the modules actually requires that you work with real life clients!

It’s going to be busy busy!

Thank you for sticking with me, thank you for being part of this web! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!




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