Darlings! Guess whose back?


Screw Johnny (IT’S CHARLOTTE!) but I pose no danger honest!

Good evening you lovely bunch of coconuts! (Coconut water is clearly on my mind)

I think it’s been roughly a week since I was last around on the blogosphere! I think I needed the break but I feel like this whole blogging my way through life is my ‘thing’ and it’s something I enjoy and in hindsight it is often pretty damn helpful in conveying emotions in a coherent manner (although I like to think the majority of my posts are coherent). I feel like I should do an incredibly British thing and talk about the weather! Oh my isn’t it gorgeous? So much so that I had my first swim of the year today!!! It was fabulous and I feel fresh and relaxed so what’s not to love!


I’m actually working this week, well I’m on a placement in a firm and I’m kind of dabbling in all the areas they practice in. In other words it’s a world wind tour of the firm, their everyday operations and their daily functions! It’s a really (I know it will sound cliche…) cool firm! I’ve looked into quite a lot of areas which are effecting the island and have put together various briefs/memos which will eventually be published and will be available to their clients! It’s been pretty interesting! I have litigation tomorrow and will be going to the court (the schedule changed because they are working on a super duper high profile case and my mentor thought I would find it interesting (which is true). Today I was based in the corporate department and yesterday was trusts. I met a lot of partners and associates that work in the firm and all have quite strongly voiced the opinion that I should be applying for TC’S on the island. In actual fact everyone I have come into contact with have said the same thing and one guy who works in the corporate department disclosed the number of applications firms on the island have received and how I would be a strong candidate due to the fact I have a license to live and work on the island. I guess there is a lot to think about.

In actual fact the advocate I was working with today provided life lessons and PEP talks and just encouraged me to pursue this path. The experience has been so invaluable and I feel like I am being encouraged to chase my dreams and to challenge myself. I guess to some extent people have this warped opinion on those who provide legal advice and forget that they are just real people like me and you and today has proved that it is most definitely ok to have cute things in your office like disney and inspirational quotes! It’s ok to beΒ who you areΒ and it’s ok to not get on with everyone you come into contact with. I really think this week is going to be so beneficial. I have only really worked in fairly small off shore law firms but this firm has offices all over the world and being able to experience both is really rewarding.

I love blogging and I guess to some extent I was worried if someone stumbled across this blog but as the she said today if you are completely yourself you will be employed by the right firm. I really like law. I think I made the right decision and I’m excited to see where my journey is going!

In other news whilst on my lunch break I caught Pikachu… yes I am on the Pokemon bandwagon #SorryNotSorry

Everyone’s at it!

Anyway I am back. I will not run away from my webosphere again. I came back to some new followers of the web!!! So hello muchkins thanks for joining my web.

I hope you have all been able to enjoy this glorious weather! I sure have (despite being in the office may I add)

Love C xxx


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