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Weekend gratitude

Evening! It’s a weekend so you can probably figure out what this post is going to be…

Sooo! What have I been grateful for this week?

For the opportunity to experience life in an international law firm!
For Mr Whippy’s on a hot summers day with my Mumsie
For a productive Saturday… it’s surprising what a lick of paint can do!
For a yummy Pad Thai at the Terrace with the girls to celebrate upcoming birthdays!
For beautiful summer days which mean bardot tops and sin kissed shoulders!
For Friday. It’s quite self explanatory.
For ^ with my treasured ones ❤
For capturing Pikachu on my lunch break :’)
For my first swim of the summer which made me feel incredibly refreshed and relaxed!

So my lovelies, what have you been grateful for this week?

Love C xxx


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