Hello my little blossoming flowers!

How are we all this beautifully fine Sunday? Another week has passed… so you guessed it! It’s time for another gratitude! So what am I grateful for this week?

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 20.26.53.png
The discovery of these little beauties! Tangle Teezers are AMAZING! I’ll give you my verdict on the shampoo in due course!
Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 20.29.20.png
Scrapbooking cute memories!
Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 20.39.03.png
For picnics shared with special friends ❤
Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 20.32.18.png
For coming up with apt names for my pokemon! (This photo is out of date…)
Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 07.43.53
For pretty new buys bought on lunch breaks!
For belated Birthday celebrations with Mumsie!
Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 20.36.03.png
For beautiful golden sandy beaches that are literally on our doorsteps!
Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 20.37.12.png
For a lovely picturesque dinner out with these two hunnies!
Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 20.38.06.png
For the glorious sun and sunkissed skin and salt water swims ❤

What have you been grateful for this week?

Love C xxx