Let’s get fit!

So it’s the beginning of a new month! I feel like I should set myself a goal of getting fit! I want to try and tone up my body! It’s not about calorie counting this time around. It’s about everything in moderation and daily work outs! It’s super late at night but today was day one of the work outs and eating everything in moderation! I’m currently using the wonder core which is proving amazing for tackling troublesome tummy areas! I have such a short body so I just need to desperately tone it! My main aim is to tone, tone and TONE!

I feel like our health is so incredibly important and as I’m getting older my metabolism will be less kind so I need to start some sort of ‘get fit’ I will also benefit mood wise because exercise produces endorphins (just like chocolate) but without the guilt! I think I will at some point do a review of the ‘smart wonder core’ because it is really good! It’s easy to store and it’s lights to move! I’m also using a Swiss gym ball in my daily exercise routine (need to master my balance before I get too into that!) A Fitbit Alta is already on my birthday list and with a daily commute to university next year! I will embrace health and fitness. So yes! Stay tuned for health and fitness updates on the webosphere!


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