Fitness Fri yay!

What better day to talk fitness than on a FRIYAY!


I’ve recently set myself the challenge of getting fit! I kind of just want to do it for me! Y’know one of those things that you do for yourself because well you can? So yeah I am embarking on a fitness journey to tone those wobbly bits and to just generally get a little bit fitter! Soooo Fri-yay fitness will become a weekly thing and I will take you all along for the ride so to speak! So I am nearly finished my first week of work outs and cutting out the crap and I’m going to give you an honest account of how it all went!


This was day one! You always feel the buzz at the beginning I find once you’ve pushed through the initial ‘pain’ I can’t remember whether I told you but I am using the smart wonder core trainer! It’s so good and it’s kind of a good place to start for a total novice! My work out consists of 8 sets which include

  • sit ups/crunches
  • push ups
  • bridge
  • scissor kicks
  • forearms/biceps
  • triceps
  • ab tucks
  • bicycling

I would totally recommend this machine for novices! It kind of gives you the extra boost you need! I’m starting with 50 of each but plan to up the amount as I go along! It’s also super good because you can adjust the resistance and can gradually make each set harder as you improve and get fitter! I must say I think the smart wonder core is pretty ingenious! It’s small and easy to store and it’s light weight!


In actual fact I can fit it in the corner of the living room with the swiss ball! Which means it is super duper handy! One thing I’d say is to NOT push yourself at the beginning! It’s all too easy to run before you walk so to speak when it comes to this type of thing! I admittedly went a little too hard at first but I soon found a routine I was comfortable with!

Food wise, If you’ve been a loyal follower you’d know my relationship with food is a little unconventional so I am deliberately NOT counting calories… which might sound stupid but I have my reasons! I’m basically just trying to cut out unnecessary carbs and naughty things and instead finding healthy alternatives!


I’m a tea drinker and before I went back to a standard brew I used to drink a whole host of healthy types of tea including green tea! So I am back on the tea bandwagon! I bloody love chocolate! It is definitely one of my biggest loves in life! So I started searching the tea aisles in Waitrose for a sweet tea alternative and I found something!


I found this delish twinings tea! It’s a sweet chocolate and creamy hazelnut and is meant to taste like a praline truffle (which satisfies a chocoholic like me!) I know I’m 21, nearing 22 but I just saw this adorable travel mug on sale for £3 and had to snap it up! It makes post work out tea’s a little more cute and fun! I can also take a little bit of Disney with me to uni on a dark wintery day in the North!


I also bought some gym gear to encourage me! Which kind of helped put me in the mood so to speak! These aren’t my work out trainers (they have clouds on and are from CK because the rest of my stuff is pretty boring in either black, grey or white! So a pop of colour on my feet are needed!



They are kind of like marmite but I LOVE them! ❤ So yes!

I’ll be honest my arms have been killing because I literally have zero muscle in my arms… so I have a LONG way to go! So I have woken up with the sorest of triceps and biceps. BUT kudos to me because I persevered! I think I already mentioned that I have my eye on the fitbit alta! Which will help me track my steps (I’m living in the city next year so I have about a 40 min walk to uni!) so 80 min walk every day should get my steps going! Me and my friend are also planning on either joining Yoga or aqua aerobics at the sport centre which is literally minutes away from where I live! So yes! Lots of plans in motion! I shall keep you all up to date!

Like I said I’m doing this for me and for my happiness because that’s what matters right? Anyway feel free to join me on my fitness journey ❤


Have a fab Fri-yay you gorgeous bunch of narna’s ❤



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