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Pack with me: weekend edition!

I thought I’d do one of those generic type of ‘what’s in my bag’ because well I’ll be honest I’m always a tad nosey and wonder what people take with them on trips away! So I thought I’d take the opportunity to do a ‘whats in my weekend bag’


The bag in question is my trusty CK red and white polka dot weekend bag! It’s the typical oil cloth which means it is easy to clean and is durable! There are two long-ish handles and the bag is lined in a beige linen material and there are inside pockets! I love polka dots and CK and it fits an adequate amount of things inside! I normally take this when I stay over at either Will or my friends houses! I’m taking a short flight to the UK tomorrow afternoon and it is ideal for hand luggage because it now costs a bomb to put luggage in the hold… hohum!


Anyway this is what I am taking with me! I obviously require my passport which is in a strawberry print CK travel wallet! I have my hair straighteners as I get serious bed hair! I have underwear which is pretty self explanatory (I’m actually featuring this in a post… cheeky bit of self advertisement…) I always always take more pants than I need because it’s better to be safe than sorry! I’m also rather partial to a pair of socks so I chucked in those blue/white/pink striped socks from John Lewis!

Of course I need some clothes! So I’ve packed my super pretty tunic which is bright blue and white from Whitestuff, some black leggings from an emergency legging trip to Tesco… and my trusty throw over navy blue jumper which is baggy but can be chucked on over EVERYTHING! It’s from Alice Colins! I of course have some nightwear… it’s navy with butterflies… it’s a little see through but it’s cool and pretty and is from Peacocks! I have also packed my black birkenstocks and will be wearing tan shoes most likely!

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 07.43.53

In my toiletry bag (which I will have to transfer into a clear bag at the airport) I have some simpleΒ deodorant, Sanctuary spa spf 15 moisturiser, Soap and glory body wash, Aussie shampoo mini version, foundation, mascara, lipstick and a variety of wipes.

Electric wise my beloved Macbook Pro which is in the pretty CK case! I have my apple headphones and a portable pink charger in the shape of a milk carton for potential pokemon go sesh’s!

Oh! and my French Connection sunnies!

I have pills. A variety of tablets. A tangleteezer, soft mints, black leather/suede day bag, CK brown floral purse containing all the cards in the world and a book which I am so close to finishing! I plan to finish the book as I am being dropped at the airport ludicrously early as a family members funeral coincides with my trip planned way in advance. So I shall be sat at the airport, having a drink, reading my book and hoping that someone has placed a lure at the airport! I might do an airport OOTD tomorrow if I have time!

Anyway hope you enjoyed the slightly different type of post!

Have a fab weekend ❀



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