A dreamy weekend

I’m sat in departures in Southampton airport after the most dreamy and lovely weekend! It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary but I just love doing the ordinary things with someone that I love! I love the little things. I love having a pint together in the sun and checking out whether there’s a poke stop near by and getting frustrated when neither of us can get a pidgey the first time.

I love just popping to the shops for a mooch and talking about his exciting plans for his very own home. I am so very proud of him. I love wandering round London not acting our ages and catching a million drowzees and bursting into laughter when I announce what has come up on my screen. I love the fact that we do things spare of the moment and that he’s cheeky and decided to drive away every time I try and get in the car.

I love the fact that we order the messiest of foods and scrap the whole knife and fork and just dig in to our mountain of goodness!

I love the fact we take the piss out of each other but it’s never ever malicious. I also love that he has turned into an absolute sop and let’s the landladies cat roam around his flat and make himself at home.

I love our London trips and just the little things like when we decide to take the steps in the tube and we both get the wobbly legs and people just look at us like we are crazy but we just don’t care!

I love that even when we are solely pokemoning he makes the route scenic and gives me photo opportunities.

I love the fact he is cheeky and naughty and I would never change that because he just wouldn’t be the man I know and love.

Wow. Charlotte that was so incredibly soppy…

But it’s all true. I had a dreamy weekend with my man and I wanted to blog about it.


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