The marmite shirt dress!

Evening you gorgeous bunch ❀

I’m sorry about the lack of gratitudes… it’s most definitely because I’m not grateful (quite the opposite) So I felt like I needed to do some sort of posty post and just thought an OOTD would be a good idea!

As the title indicates the dress in question is quite marmite. I have had mixed opinions. My mum and Will are not keen, my dad likes it and a few others said it was cute! So yes opinions are very much welcome!


The dress in question is this white and blue linen shirt dress from M&S! It was in the sale but if you follow me on instagram you’d already know about the story behind this spare of the moment buy!



I would describe it as a midi dress and paired it with some blue wedges which helped to elongate my legs (although I am 80% leg already!)

I just cannot decide on it! I’m slightly hesitant that my other half thinks it resembles a bath robe and said vertical stripes were just not the one and he thinks I look much better in patterns or dungers! I feel like the tan may make it look even more extreme if you know what I mean?


I just don’t know whether shirt dresses and CMEW are meant to be? Boobs are always a problem with the whole gaping situation and loose every where else! SIGH!

Are you a bit marmite with vertical stripes and shirt dresses?

Love C xxx


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