The L word.

The L word.

In my world the L word holds a lot of meaning. I truly believe that love is the key to happiness. I believe love makes the world a whole lot better. Love is what fuels me and you. The L word is a big deal. My wonderful parents have just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary which is probably what got me on the topic of love.Ā 

Like my fave film says…

If you look, love is everywhere.

I know I say this a lot but it’s the little things that matter. Materialistic things do not last. Love however can last a lifetime. I just feel so incredibly lucky. I feel like the luckiest girl. I feel like love really does make the world go around! You know what my little love bubble filled with my nearest and dearest is all a girl can ask for.

I am so blooming grateful for finding my partner in crime, someone who whole heartedly loves me for being just that. I’m grateful for the dozens of pet names, cheeky comments and pokes in the ribs and neck rubs. I know this is incredibly soft. It is however completely true. I don’t think I ever truly realised just how powerful love is. Being in love is incredible. I absolutely love doing life with my man. It is fantastic. The ups and the downs, I wouldn’t change anything for the world. We do not strive for perfection because that my friends just does not exist. I am grateful for the testing times just as much as the dreamy times that I wish I could frame and play on repeat.

Love is powerful

Love is amazing.


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