Belated gratitude!

Evening you gorgeous bunch!

Here is a belated gratitude for you to sink your teeth (more like eyes) into!

The last 10 days have been crazy busy!

So where do I begin? Well, Will’s lovely sister married her love and it was such a beautiful day! She looked absolutely stunning! My parents celebrated 25 years of marriage and I had the most perfect and wonderful week with my bestest friend who I love with all my heart (thats Will FYI)

for spending precious time with family to celebrate my wonderful parents silver wedding anniversary!
For operation cake and balloons going to plan!
For capturing cute memories with my faves ❤
For tasty afternoon treats on their special day!

For quality time spent with my favourite little girly!!!
For this delightfully handsome chappie otherwise known as my partner in crime and hunnie bun. How lucky am I?! hes a hottie!
For such a beautiful wedding and being involved in L&R’s special day
For fun buys, like pom pom shoes!!!
For early birthday pressies!
For beautiful scenery!

What have you been grateful for this past week?

Love C xx


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