Here have a late night musing!


It’s not that late. You know when you just have a million things going through your mind and you want to offload? Yeaaaah that.

Basically the last two weeks have been dreamy and I’ve been on cloud nine with my hunnie and family. It’s when it all comes to an end this little lady gets a bit down. I know everything has to come to an end but it’s just a bit rubbish. I love doing life, I honestly do and I love doing life a heck of a lot more with Will. It sucks when we have to go our separate ways. I mean I know it isn’t exactly the other side of the world and I’ll be seeing him in a week or so but it’s still not the same as being there all the time for the stupid things like food shopping and super important things like watching Bake Off whilst receiving a head rub from my babe. I’m really not hard to please.

Doing the little things with the one you love are actually enjoyable! What with sporadic outings to town with the bridal party and late night Pokemon walks what is not to love? I remember when it was just the beginning and we had such a long time to go. 

Whereas now, there are just months standing between the two of us and each goodbye is one step closer to no more long and painful goodbyes. I’m such an emotional wreck. I was crying on my little mattress on Sunday night about him going and got super duper worked up. I’m such a sop. I just hate goodbyes. 

I’m probably also starting to get that moving back to uni feel, in some ways I’m excited about my brand spanking new studio and some of my modules… But. I have had the most loveliest time with my family and I’ve been fortunate enough to see Seb grow up since the day he was born and Saturdays without S, L & J will just not be the same! I won’t have a Lou telling me to get on her bike and someone to make playdoh desserts with. I’ll once again be miles away from all those who mean the most to me. I won’t have my mum and dad or anyone and Will won’t be there (that’s not new) but still after spending such quality time I’m feeling a little sad about it all.

I know I have to think of the end goal. Get the grades and then the world is mine! I know I’ll be super busy and that’s probably a great thing and I know people will visit. I guess I just feel like in a way this is my last actual year of what I like to call ‘faffing about’ and flitting back and forth! I suppose in some ways it is an end of an era. This is pretty much the end of my ‘schooling’ is the final push before I get thrown into the real world. I think I’m ready however.

This little lady is also turning 22 in a few weeks. It’s scary. Everyone is getting older and settling down. Life is literally flying by. I’m ready for it though. I’m ready for this era to end. I think I’m done with being a student! 

On a side note I’m also sick to death with packing. I hate packing. I totally take back the statement I made when I was a little girl ‘I love packing I want to be in airports all the time and I want to be travelling lots’ 

No no no no!

Packing is the bane of my life. I’ve managed to put it off for days. I know I need to do it. I just don’t want to

Anyway. That ladies and gentlemen was the ‘late’ musing. I’m so hot and flustered and my Fitbit had irritated my wrist… So it’s covered in sudocreme. Stupid skin. I’m also done with summer. I’m stupidly tanned and just want to wear all the boots and jumpers and cardigans now please! I know I mustn’t grumble but it can sod off! I am ready to embrace skirts, tights and boots. This whole humid nights are not the one for me anymore,

Musing over.


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