Why break the habit of a life time?

Hiyaaa it’s meeeee!

I’m back for another musing! What a surprise?!

I’m just feeling super duper nostalgic and contemplative about life and this is the easiest way of airing my poor brain before it can turn off. I feel incredibly blessed! I really do! When I was packing up my belongings to go back to the UK I couldn’t help but smile at those smiling faces looking backat Β me in the frames and couldn’t help almost replaying a lot of those memories back. I am so damn lucky. I received the most beautiful present from my auntie this morning

Apols if you saw this in my previous post but I think some of you actually prefer the Charlotte chatter so I’m just going with it! I feel like that quote is so incredibly true! I mean what makes my life so blooming fantastic are the people who are in it and the memories we have made! To me that is what life is about. I’d be kidding myself if I said materialistic things do not matter to me at all because I’m pretty much addicted to social media and my phone so that would be a lie. BUT what ultimately makes me happy are people who I make Β beautiful and dreamy memories with. I’ve always strived to make every millisecond count! I feel like that maybe in some weird way I feel the need to make the very most out of my life for Abs sake too! She will never get the chance to fall in love, graduate, get married and have babies. So maybe there’s this kind of extra desire to achieve all of this for the two of us! Maybe that was a bit too deep. But hey what’s a musing without some deep-ness thrown in.

I keep thinking back to that beautiful day where Will’s sister married the love of her life and it was such a lovely lovely day! Love is such a wonderful thing! It can do amazing things and it can heal a whole lot of wounds. I know that. I put on PS I Love You earlier and it’s without one of my faves and I normally end up crying despite nearly knowing it line for line. It just makes you feel so incredibly grateful for your health and I should know by now that no one should take anything or anyone for granted because sometimes life isn’t the nicest. I know this. I think that is why I hold on to the smallest of comments and mundane things like hand written notes and post it notes which appear to hold little value but to me they are priceless and irreplaceable. I guess in some ways I don’t like letting go. I was one of those crazy girls that kept receipts merely because they told a story which I didn’t want to let go of. I’ve accepted that is the way I deal with letting go. It’s ok. No harm came by collecting various restaurant receipts and post it notes with cute little messages. I don’t even know where this musing is going. I just feel overwhelmed with love and gratitude for all that I have. I feel so damn blessed to have this wonderful life ahead of me. It makes all those insignificant things like my body not being perfect and sassy hips completely insignificant. I have so so so much living to do. Not just for me but also for my darling little sis. So that is what I’m doing. I’m loving this absolutely mad and crazy journey and although sometimes it is far from easy… It wouldn’t change it for the absolute world. I love my life and who cares if my body is probably 3x my actual age it’s ok! I’m ok with it. We’re all so wonderfully unique and have different talents and that’s what makes us, us!

You are fab, don’t forget it!


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