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Chatty update!


Two posts in a night? Wow, miracles can happen!
anyway I fancy a bit of a chat! I know this isn’t exactly a ‘chat’ because in theory it is just me pouring out a ton of stuff and pretending that I’m having some sort of conversation with you all! Which is kinda what this is.

Oh enough of that. It’s September (what a fab observation) which means I’m heading back to the UK! I’m kinda looking forward to getting stuck in and spending a dreamy week in a log cabin with my nearest and dearest. It will be CUTE! I think it’s safe to say that this year is going to be manic! Quite a few of my electives are extremely practical based and it’s kind of scary to think that I will be effectively offering legal advice to real life clients. Oh heck.

I mean we will be supervised but like that’s serious stuff. It’s a bit of leap from the pseudo case of Mr Pines which involved personal injury… It could be anything.

I’ll talk you through it all though!
One of my electives is working in a clinic which offers legal advice to those who can’t afford to fork out the huge fees solicitors charge! Sooooo it could be basically anything! There’s no specialist area the clinic specialises in! So it should be varied and challenging! We have to produce a portfolio with all correspondence, advice and all legal things! That is what we are graded on! I think it’s meant to be quite full on! BUT I’m so up for a challenge and under no false illusion that I’ll have a lot of ‘me’ time!

So my darlings that is one module! The other practical based module is actually a work placement with a law firm in South Yorkshire which means I need to do a bit of commuting but if you ask anyone that knows me well they would say I need to get better at the whole trains and commuting so this will be quite the challenge! I’m obviously not going to say where I’ll be working but I shall be commuting every Wednesday to work in a firm and I think we have to once again produce a portfolio which we are graded on! So that it is pretty exciting!
When I was doing my work placement in an international law firm over here I was told that what I was missing from my CV was UK based work experience and now I have two sets that I can pop down! How fab is that! I mean I loved working at the international firm but it’s all a little too close to home and I think it will be good to see how a UK firm operates! So I’m sure you’ll hear about that along the way! It doesn’t start till October so I have a little time to do a practice run to make sure I know where I am going.

The other modules I’m taking are more academic. I’ve dropped law of evidence as I have effectively two practical modules. I am however taking intellectual property law and employment law! Those are my two electives! I feel like IP is a really BIG area and it covers basically everything and is so important in so many areas in life and it’s pretty interesting! Employment law also sounded good and it’s grades through course work and covers some EU law which I happened to do ok with last year!

There are also two core modules: land law and equity and trust! I’m super buzzing for E&T… Note sarcasm! Hopefully it will all be ok!
I have Friday’s off which is quite nice! So I get a nice long weekend but I’m pretty sure I’ll be working 80% of the time and if im planning a lovely weekend with my hunbun I will get my work done in the long breaks I have between lectures and seminars! So thats pretty much all the uni bits and bobs!
In other news this girl is turning twenty two ooooo! How scary is that. I still feel like a child half the time. However. I’m actually looking forward to being 22! So bring on the twenty first! (That’s my birthday folks) so yes lots of things are happening! Lots to look forward to! Also Will is a home owner (just waiting on the solicitors…) but I’m super excited for him! This year is looking pretty darn good! So keep an eye out! I feel like I might not be active on the blogging front but I hope you can understand that this is my final year and I’m also doing quite a lot of practical work and will be staying late to get things done!

Also thanks guys for staying loyal and not leaving my web, you are all amazing and I appreciate you all! If you’re heading back to uni then I wish you all luck! I’ll be back with some dreamy Peak District post probably from the log cabin as there is wifi and I have this awful habit of late night blogging! So yes stay tuned for easy of the eye posts instead of a heck of a lot of waffle!

Love C


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