My 22nd Birthday

Evening! It’s quite late and it’s our final night here in the Peaks (sad times) the week has literally flown by! I’m sad it all has to come to an end. I had the most delightful birthday you could possibly imagine! It started off with breakfast which consisted of glorious pancakes with natural yogurt and honey with banana, blackberries and strawberries.

It was scrummy! Mum had booked afternoon tea at a gorgeous tea room in Bakewell called Lavendar Tea Rooms! It was in this adorable little quarter which you could access from under the arch. It was so incredibly quaint!

Before that we had wandered around some of the local shops and we managed to pick up some yummy treats such as irn bru flavoured lollipops and a bunch of others in my fave flavours! We also popped to the visitor centre and I just had to try Chatsworth Lemon Curd! This was then quickly followed by biscuits and two gorgeous striped long sleeve tops from Joules! One is your typical Breton style and the other has a combination of different coloured stripes! Such a staple piece in my opinion! 

Anyway, back to the afternoon tea! We arrived a little early but we were seated and decided we’d go for the assorted afternoon tea for three! When it came it looked so incredibly grand and the food was spread over four tiers! It was definitely the highest afternoon tea I had ever seen! What made the whole experience even more enjoyable was the fact that the tea room itself was so incredibly quaint and was decorated in such a beautiful manner which made the whole experience even better!

Our afternoon tea consisted of an array of sandwiches which included: ham, egg, cheese and tuna! Then we each had a scone with a miniature pot of local jam with a pot of clotted cream! Then there was cake which was a combination of chocolate and coffee and finally there was a Bakewell tart! Let’s say that no one left hungry and we had to take some of our cakes home with us! As you can tell I was loving life!

Tea was of course served and they didn’t let us down as we sipped our tea from dainty and quaint tea cups! What’s not to love?! There was also the most gentle and soothing music that played in the background! It was such a nice atmosphere. We then headed back to the lodge and hit the spa! I’ve been loving the spa! Will was due to join us in the evening so our evening consisted of smoke salmon appetisers and Bake Off before Will arrived just after 9! Hugs and kisses were exchanged followed by cuddles and then he surprised me with my wonderful and thoughtful presents! Let’s just say the boy did good! I first opened up the cutest Me to You card which contained a voucher for Bridget Jones Baby for two followed by a romantic meal! How blooming cite was that! The surprises didn’t stop there when he produced a gorgeous white and yellow orchid which will make the nicest table centre piece! Then he handed me a bottle of expensive champers! Then just when I thought it was all over he produced a bag that contained a small little box from H Samuel! Inside the box was the most perfect and gorgeous ring you could possibly imagine! I LOVE rose gold and he knows it alright! The ring itself was silver and rose gold with a gorgeous pinky stone set with rose gold clasps! Then there were diamonds surrounding the stone which makes it look very shimmery and stunning! I absolutely love it!

I was a very lucky girl! I’m already liking being 22 ooo! 

Love C xxx


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