Weekend chats

Hiya! It’s meeee

I thought I’d do a bit of a chat! I’m sorry about the lack of posts and weekend Gratitude’s it’s just been a bit manic! Anyway this is kind of my first proper week of uni (well seminars start etc) so from here on out this girl will be in undated with work! I can’t remember if I told you but this year I have two practical based modules which have a huge work load so I’m going to be spending a lot of time at uni as it’s confidential and nothing can leave the clinic! The other one is effectively a work placement which means I’m commuting but the firm specialise in the area I want to go j to which is fab! I’ve probably said that multiple times! Apologies if I had 

In other news I have officially settled into studio life and I’m loving living so close to town! It means I can just get up and go for a wander as well as just pop to the shop! So very convenient! In fact this morning I got itchy feet  and just needed to get out so I went and caught some pokemon!

It’s actually such a lovely time to go on an exploration of the city! There was a handy little lure here which pretty much heavily influenced my decision to stop! It’s definitely chillier! I know I’m a bit of a southern softie but it is definitely getting colder outside! My flat is however the total opposite. It’s soooo warm! Although I did admittedly grab a blanket this PM when I was chatting to my parents and might have had a bit of a sim sesh…

But yeaaaah overall it’s blooming warm in my little studio (which I’ll be grateful for in the bitter cold winter) I’m trying to think about that else I’ve been doing! Oh I made a grown up decision to go for an eye test at Specsavers! Will had been on at me for ages to get a pair of glasses that I can actually see out of! Oh heckie that affected a poor students bank account… Anyway my eyes have changed… no surprises and I have two pairs for the price of one which totalled Β£135 but I need them.

Here they are! I can pick them up on Saturday! Might finally be able to see properly! Here’s hoping anyway! So yeah that’s one fun thing happening in my little life. Oh yeah, there’s one other thing. Tesco is a BABE they are selling Frozen themes Kinder eggs! Like what. This is totally CMEW! You would not believe how much kinder chocolate I have in my fridge! In two days I have managed to get 4 characters (only one dupe) they are brilliant and it’s most definitely a responsible purchase for a twenty two year old… Right!?

I have no shame. Im happy, no harm came from kinder eggs right!? So yeah I’m sharing my studio with the most disruptive flat mates you can possible imagine. I jest. That’s the way I like it. Hmmm what else can I chat about. Oh yeah I’ve been loving the elephant sculptures dotted around the city in aid of Sheffield Children’s Hospital! They are so damn cool! I saw a really good one today! It had the best theme! Apols if you follow me on Instagram but it’s just fab! 

It’s only blooming Lion King themed! How amazing is that! There’s loads dotted all over the place but this one caught my attention! So much so I let a Drowzee go! But yeahhh they are cool! Also can we all appreciate the camera quality!!! Huawei p9 you are doing me proud and now that you are all cute and rose gold it’s even better! It’s literally 10pm and I’m shattered! I’m getting old. Anyway that’s enough for one night 

Night night chums 


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