It’s nearly midnight on a Saturday. Here’s a post about life. So where do I start. I want to start by saying eat that damn chocolate bar, get horrendously drunk and be irresponsible here and there. It’s short. You know what? All those really stupid and insignificant things in life really do not matter. Y’know that 5lb you put on? or that you can no longer slip into jeans you wore 5 years ago. Big deal. Life is for living, it’s not about surviving. Here’s some advice from me to you… fall in love and never act your age, pursue every single one of your dreams and always always reach for the stars. Also girls/guys never settle for second best, you deserve only the best and you most definitely deserve happiness. Life, it’s crazy, wild and sometimes its mean. Life can sometimes be a right pain in the bum and sometimes you just want to cry about it, that’s ok. Treasure your life. You only get one shot, don’t muck it up by not seeing the love and beauty that is surrounding you.

I’m not one to blog about religion but anyway this song came on my playlist from years gone by.


‘All the anger and the fear all the sadness and the tears, all the trauma down the years I give it to you’



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