Life update


I don’t know where the time is going. I’m going to start with the good bits because that’s what matters right? My amazing and wonderful man came and stayed with me… let’s just say it was needed! So we did our usual antics, which included naughty food, pub trips, playing pool, geocaching, exploring the peaks, watching horrors and snuggling.



It was bliss being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We sang Disney songs in the car and cried tears of happiness at our impressions of our Disney faves. We ate delicious pub grub which was washed down with tasty ale and we negotiated barriers and rivers in order to retrieve the cache (I say we… it was mostly Will!) We sat in the sunshine and had icecream in chocolate cornets and met some friends of the moo variety! We also found our place to go for pool and G&T! It turns out I am much better at pool after a double… I am so so so blessed. I might have had the dreaded lurgy for the majority of the time and I might have infected my darling with it… (sorry Will!) but honestly time spent with him is precious and amazing. I mean that guy is my absolute bestest bud!

Work wise, I have been super busyyyyyy.

I haven’t had a lot of time but I won’t lie I’m not going to talk about that right now. I guess I just want to offload my thoughts and I’ve also been crap at keeping a diary and I’ve somehow managed to semi post on here quite frequently. It’s a journal of my life… so I guess that means the good and the bad right?

Ok so. The last week or so has been a bit of a blur. I kind of got some rather crappy news last week from someone who means the absolute world to me. I really don’t want to go into details but basically there was an issue last year with the same region of the body. FYI ladies- boobs are fab… but they can be a right pain in the @rse. So it started off with an infection which was a little bit odd… the verdict was mastitis… well if you are acquainted with this it is mostly common in women who breast feed.. let’s just say this person has not done that in like 19/20 yrs. So we were initially preparing for the bastide (I cannot resist, it’s actually french for a fortified town).Β So antibiotics were prescribed because if it was an infection it would tackle the problem and we would be all goooood! So after a week the inflammation had gone down and we were ecstatic as the other thing that it could have been was BAD. I’m going to go back a few months/year now. Ok so last August (potensh) at the first screening abnormal tissue was found and they were a bit concerned so she had to go back. So fast forwarding to present day again (gosh all this swapping and changing apols!)

So she went back, we were all thinking she’d be given the all clear and we could all rest assured that the fun bags were not deadly. She had another examination, a bit more boob lovage (I prefer to go with that) and she said there was thickening Β and lump in the tissue (also the nips were not playing ball and had gone into hiding…)*baring in mind she had abnormal tissue a YEAR ago). So, she has been referred to the breast man/woman who will probably provide more boob loving.

I just don’t know. She doesn’t feel right and her sasspot of a boob is not feeling like it’s counter part and it’s just a little worrying.

I don’t know, you always think that these people are invincible and will always be there to hold your hand on the most important moments of your life. Then again you see the startling statistics that 1 in 2 of us will get the big C in our life time. One word for that.


So, there’s that.

So third year could be an absolute ball of fun, what with juggling two placements, 4 other modules, potentially deadly boobs, money management and my sanity.

You are in for an absolute treat.

On that note. I require a cup of tea, it would be a G&T but after a fun filled G&T jam jar weekend I’m all out of the good stuff. Tea will suffice.


But for now ^


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