It’s nearly Monday again…

Oh blimey! Where has the time gone?

It’s already 6:30pm on Sunday! Which means hello Monday…

I swear the weekend goes by far too quickly! Anyway enough waffle, I’m good at waffling. I won’t lie to you, I feel a bit meh about everything at the moment. This includes blogging (which you might have noticed) I just don’t feel I have a lot of life to give? That probably sounds absolutely pathetic but it’s true. The one word that kind of sums up my every day living is ‘meh’.

I miss the whole weekend gratitudes and my ability to come up with content that you guys actually enjoyed. I just feel like I’m just a bit of a stuck record at the moment. idk. There is just a LOT going on in my personal life and I guess I’m bloody terrified to be honest with you. I’m scared because I just don’t know how things will function…


I’m also ill, I have the worlds most funny feeling head and I’m still absolutely congested and I just can’t blooming clear the damn thing. I basically feel like crap and resemble it as well! I miss my sun kissed skin… now I look like something that shuns away from sunlight.

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 18.43.04.png

I also wasn’t asked for my ID last night when purchasing a double G&T… does this mean I am now actually looking my age… it must be those pesky wrinkles that appear when I smile. I’ve clearly been smiling a lot.

I’m trying to think what else has happened?

Oh I’ve been inundated with care packages! Two arrived within 2 days! How blooming marvellous is that! This subsequently means I have a whole basket dedicated to dairy milk and galaxy… I’m VERY happy about this!

I should be ok for chocolate for a little while… maybe!

Guess what?

I actually left the confines of my flat this weekend! I arranged to go to the cinema with a fellow law buddy to watch the Girl on the Train followed by dinner. I literally live two minutes away which is highly convenient! I was rather chuffed about that! It’s so blooming expensive! The student discount doesn’t count on the weekend (of course) which means it’s Β£6.50 just for a ticket! So I started checking out the offers and found a blinder which was Β£10 for a ticket, king pop corn and drink! WINNING!

The film was alright. I think it looked better on the trailer. Let’s just say it was nothing to write home about! I managed to guess the story line in a short amount of time and whispered to my friends what I though was going on… I of course got it right. I’m too good at this film guessing malarky. It was kinda slow for the first half then picked up intensity. It wasn’t bad however! Definitely not one of those and they all lived happily ever after stories. Stick to disney for that my loves!!!

We then wandered around the city, trying to find somewhere to eat! Everywhere was packed so we settled for Yates and had to go for the worlds stickiest table and was surrounded by a group of men on a stag party. Fab. It was relatively cheap though and I got a double G&T for Β£4.40 which wasn’t too shabby! Judging by the news last night was a particularly dodgy night to be out! There were loads of arrests and one woman was actually raped in a taxi… Scary stuff. That’s a nice reminder why I’m a recluse and don’t wander the streets of Sheffield late at night! I prefer to be sat in bed with a cup of camomile and honey tea with a cheeky bowl of salted caramel icecream. I’ve been there and done that and most definitely got the T shirt.

I was watching Stand up to Cancer on Friday night and you just hear all these horrific stories and it makes you feel so damn lucky for your health and to know that you do not have a ticking time bomb to contend with. It also got me thinking how 1 in 2 is an absolutely startling statistic. It’s scary. It got me thinking about a lot of stuff. The thought of losing one of my parents is literally my worst nightmare. It got me thinking just how much I want this person to be present at the most important moments of my life. I want her to see me get married and I want her to buy her grandchildren all the wonderful gifts she got me and to send them care packages. I want her to be there for all these magical moments. I mean I’m still hoping everything is fine and she will be sticking around for a very very long time because I am most definitely not ready to face life without her. That is a fact. I’m just not. I mean who else will listen to me spiel law at them and test me on exams through post it notes? Who else will listen to be sob on facetime just because I’m feeling down? Who else will know what exactly suits me and what doesn’t?

No one.

She is my best friend. I adore the ground she walks on. She knows me inside out, probably better than I know myself.

That’s enough of that.

I might just go to bed or something or do a second coat of nail varnish. Oh the decisions. I bought a new colour if you follow me on IG I apologise! It’s a peri winkle blue and it’s cute! It’s from one of the Tanya Burr collections, think the colour is Fairy Godmother… don’t quote me on that however.

Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 19.12.20.png

Anyway I’m going now xxx


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