Saturday late night chats


I feel like I only started saying hiya when I moved to the North! Oh well. I’m going with hiya! I just feel like a bit of a chat and seeing as I live alone and the boy is very much engrossed with Battlefield and my parents are back at home at a 60th Birthday party… I thought I’d do some blogging!

Girlfriend of a gamer πŸ˜‰

So let’s do some chatting. This week has been busy! I feel like I’m literally running from one place to the other! Anyway basically I’m a bit of a busy bee! On Wednesday I did my usual commute for my placement, I’m enjoying it, even if it means I have to wake up ridiculously early to get the train! Talking of trains, I’m off on Friday to the South! I’m going to go and pester Will for a bit (in reality I need a bit of love and company) So I’m looking forward to that! I have quite a lot of work to do in that week and I aim to get one piece of coursework done (I’m so ambitious) So yeaaah I’m off on my travels in a few days!

Oh my we must talk about BAKE OFF! I mean I’m really not happy about it. I wanted my babe to win (Selasi) man he was just too darn cool. I’ll be honest neither me, Will or my Mum were routing for Candice. I just really didn’t warm to her at all! I was routing Andrew once my hunbun left! I mean look at him!


I mean look at that!!!! Sorry Will… There is no comparison between Miss pouty and Mr Dreamboat! So that’s one hour of my weekly Wednesday routine down the drain! I mean what will I do with myself between the hours of 8pm – 9pm! The Missing is still going but it’s so mind boggling and isn’t such a happy and easy watch as GBBO!

What else has happened this week? Oh how could I forget! Someone got flight confirmations through this week. I know it’s my final year and I know it’s going to be CRAZY busy and what not but Will just came out with in on Monday whether I wanted to go to Tenerife for 9 days in April. Soooo you might be able to guess what I said and all the original stressing about it being so close to deadlines quicklyΒ dissipated. I’m working hard and will continue to work hard and if I didn’t go I’d only be sat in my studio on my own moping about the fact I’m not in the sun with my hun. You see what I mean? So yeaaaah we fly out on April 11th and come back on the 20th.

In other news, I’m starting to feel a teeny tiny bit better! Hooray! It’s been a blooming long time of feeling rough! I actually feel more like myself again and have started to embrace this autumn weather with autumnal themed clothes!

Screen Shot 2016-10-29 at 23.11.34.png

How cute is this burgundy pinafore from Primark! It’s so cute! I feel like since I’ve hit my twenties I have been actively trying to embrace my inner child! What with pinafores and dungarees! I’m loving it all! I love pinafores and dungarees. I live in them for goodness sake! A new store opened in Sheffield so I of course had to check it out and spied this gorgeous autumn piece! It looks hellish cute with a plain black top, black tights and chestnut brown chelsea boots!

I might try and do some OOTD’S at Will’s because he has ALL the mirrors unlike meeee! Anyway I’m gonna go! I probably should go to bed at a reasonable hour so I can get lots of work done tomorrow!

Ciao my loves xxx



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