Wednesday chats!


Not going to lie, to spell Wednesday, I did that thing.


On that note let’s swiftly move on! Happy hump day guys! It’s mid week which means the weekend is coming! Not that I’m excited about it much.  Today has been a really good day! I’ll talk you through it. I’ve sudden got this little boost of energy whilst fighting the yawns and just felt like I wanted to share my day with the blogosphere. 

Anyway it went a bit like this. I got up at like 6am and got myself ready to commute to Doncaster. I might even throw in a cheeky OOTD in this post… Oh heckie I’m just wild! I wasn’t feeling quite so bubbly at 6am this morning, especially when I left the cosy confines of my flat and braced the chill. It did wonders at waking me up however! Here’s a little outfit snap 

Also, can we just take a minute to appreciate my bargain of a camel coloured wool coat! £26 I mean that was cheaper than Primarks which unfortunately had black marks all over them when I last went. I don’t know if you can see my dress peeping through but it’s from White stuff and it’s very autumanl. 

You might be able to get a better idea of the dress it’s kind of checkered I’m cream, blue and a deep red! It’s one of my fave work dresses! I then paired it with my brown tights and heeled brown boot and my brown tortoise shell glasses with a nude lip and gold eye! Oh and grey nails. So that was my outfit! 

I got the 7:24 train to Scunthorpe, it was heaving! So I’m glad I got their early to get a seat! I got to Doncaster and got a medium caramel latte and proceeded to have a very pleasant chat with a businessman who was heading back to Scotland who was well acquainted with the cold. So that was a nice start to my day. At around 8:30 the cold had got to much and I got a taxi from the station to the office. 

The IT system was down which meant no one can really do very much which meant I filled out a TP1 form by hand and did some research on claiming indemnity if there was a mistake by the land registry. My computer crashed and I lost all my work. This happened when k tried to save the document. Technology hey! By this point everyone was getting rather fed up and we headed back to Sheffield to the office to attend a client meeting. I attempted to write an attendance notes on a historic case which was even confusing the solicitor herself! So I tried my best to figure out what was going on! I then got to finish early and didn’t have to get the train back because I was literally 5 minutes away from my flat. So I made my way home and did my usual check of the post box. To my surprise there was a postage slip dated the 31st October! The local office was open till 8 on a Wednesday which meant I had loads of time. I went, there was a long queue as always and it took 20 minutes BUT it was worth it.

I got the parcel and it said it was from Finland. This meant it had to be my advent calendar from Will (which it was). Ok I’m just going to show you what it is…

For those of you born in the 1990s and maybe before I’m not sure… The Moomins were a BIG thing. I absolutely loved them! I even attempted to make Will watch Moomins on the Riviera… He’d also sneakily looked through my messages to my mum… One happened to express my desire for a Moomin advent calendar with figurines. So that it what I got! I have 24 blissful days of Moomin loving… I literally cannot wait till it’s December! That really did make my day! I didn’t think he’d actually get it! 

My good day didn’t stop there however as I had a lamb pasanda, half a garlic naan and some chips which was fab! The only downside was that Bakeoff wasn’t on from.8-9. No sassy Selasi. However the missing was on from 9-10 which was of course intense and mind boggling! 

So that was my day! I’m now tucked up in bed about to go to sleep so I’ll be up at 7 ready for my 9am woooo! It’s ok though, I’m off to Reading on Friday to see Will. So it’s not all that bad! I just feel really happy and bubbly today. I feel like I’ve settled into placement and third year finally and you know what? Trains are not as bad as I thought. 

Shock horror.

I’m gonna call it a night my lovelies 


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