Festive chats!


It’s Thursday and I’ve just batted out 500 words on my dissenting judgement and I have like 1000ish words. Not too shabby CMEW! So I thought I would take the time to write a quick post!  So hello to all you wonderful webblings! It’s definitely getting chillier right? I did a bit of a stupid thing and failed to bring any of my warm (I could fall asleep wearing you) type jumpers along with me to the South! It’s blooming cold down here so goodness knows how cold it is up North! I’ll find out soon enough!

Anyway, this has most definitely been my laziest week by far! I think the most steps I’ve managed this week is just over 2000 which is disgraceful! We did however do 17k on Sunday! I’m not even sure how? Apparently coat shopping, finding a pikey shop, walking to Whetherspoons and an afternoon of geocaching totalled up to that whopping number? Who knows I’m not going to question it. Let’s just say I did not feel remotely guilty when I gobbled up a buttermilk chicken burger and dinner that day!

In other news… I am starting to feel super duper festive! I mean the John Lewis advert came out today! I mean that just screams it’s going to be Christmas soon! I’ll leave a picture…


I’m really not amused by the Guardian however who have tried to ruin this cheery and cute video by implying that Buster the Boxer is Donald Trump. Yes, you heard me correctly. I still think it’s cute and refuse to read into it any further. According to the Guardian, Buster the dog is Trump, Bridget is Clinton and the trampoline is America…. sureeee whatever you say. I refuse to comment on yesterdays antics, just let me blooming enjoy some Christmas cuteness without sabotaging everything that you possibly can. As I often say to those who know me well…. that is NOT ok.

Anyway, before I lose my festive cheer, I’m going to just cut that there. I am looking forward to Christmas! I haven’t seen my family in months! It’s been the longest I’ve gone without seeing them! My Mumsie surprised me yesterday and said that she wants to come over and see me and then we can both go home together! How blooming cute is she? So she has booked our flights! She is coming on the 13th December and then we both fly home early on the 16th! I’m just excited to see everyone and to see the little ones! I’m sure Seb is looking incredibly grown up by now and Lou, well she’s probably still the same Lou I love and adore. Talking of Lou, she is three today! Where on earth has the time gone?

In other festive news, me and Will have picked up our Christmas jumpers! We got them from Primark and I got mine from the mens section but it’s all good! We are ready for Christmas jumper wearing!


Thankfully Rudolphs nose is not on my chest region, it could look a little bit dodgy! I got it in a small and it fits pretty darn well. I didn’t want anything too OTT! Will had originally found one with bells on and there was a delightful one that said ‘Jingle my bells’. Will managed to find a Star Wars themed one which of course was very him and he snapped it up pretty darn quickly! We have also started cracking out what Will likes to call ‘the winter warmer’… oh what on earth could it be?


Come to Charrrrr! 

I blooming love mulled wine and Tesco is an absolutely babe and is selling it for like £3.50… how fab is that? So we have been watching films or TV in bed with a glass of the hot stuff! I apologise in advance for the awful picture. It really doesn’t do my bae justice…


I could carry on chatting away all day most probably, in a bid to avoid this dissenting judgement (oh what fun!) I’m already really looking forward to my ham, philly and tom sandwich… so incredibly sad!

I’m trying to rack my brain on what festive things I did on my blogosphere last year… I think it was like a 12 Day Christmas Challenge which I thoroughly enjoyed and will be hopping on board that festive bandwagon this year if its still a thing that is…

Right I should go. I need to listen to a pod cast on Equity and Trust and battle my way through cases to write this judgement!

Ciao amigos ❤


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