Saturday night chats

It’s a Saturday and it’s kind of late but I just want a chat. I’m not a fan of the weekend here. I mean it sounds absolutely pathetic. I am twenty two, this is my third year at university and I still get homesick. There we go, I’ve admitted it! I guess this is the longest time I’ve gone without seeing my parents. I mean I’ve seen Will and spent many a dreamy week/weekend with him since I returned to the UK and I blooming adore him more than words can say. I’ve been super lucky to have seen him as regularly as I have. I’ll next see him at Christmas. I’ll see the rest of my family at Christmas too. I know Christmas doesn’t seem all that long away and I know I have a pile of work that should be keeping me from pining home comforts but you know, sometimes you just want a friendly face.


Sometimes I just really miss the home comforts, Mumsie hugs and tabby loving, Louisa babble, a stocked fridge, people that have known me for the whole of my life, friendly faces and the best home cooking. Sometimes I just crave to be sat on my sofa in my lounge opposite to my Mum watching some programme on Drama i.e. Waking the Dead or Silent Witness.

I currently have Waking the Dead on, it’s not the same in this little flat. It’s just me and a few cuddly friends: Baymax, Olaf and Robbie, oh and not forgetting my cacti and orchid (that is still going somehow)

I mean video calling is ok, it does the job but it’s never the same as actual physical contact. I find sometimes that it is worse after you’ve video called. You hear about their day, their plans and what they’ve been up to and it just makes you miss them even more (if that was physically possible).

Sometime I just feel really alone when in reality I know I am so far from ever being alone. Will checks up on me daily as do my family and I’m often on the phone or video calling my Mumma. I guess what I’m basically trying to say is that I am very much looking forward to Christmas.

I’m looking forward to some TLC, home comforts and being reunited with my nearest and dearest.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve felt the need to put my few token Christmas decorations up already? Perhaps I’m wishing this month away in order to be reunited with my Mumsie, Family and Will in around a months time?


Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 23.07.55.png
My small ode to Christmas…



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