Monday rant.

Hiya,so I’m here with a rant.

To those of you which drive, to those of you that deliberately decide to speed through puddles and soak innocent pedestrians like myself… you my friends are not ‘cool’. Aquaplaning is different, I mean it’s not your fault, and admittedly I was soaked due to aquaplaning and actually in hindsight I’m lucky to have no been hurt just severely soaked.

umbrella-drawing-tumblr-tumblr-kpz77fiiqa1qz6ffro1-r1-1280But this does not mean those serial puddle splashers out there should continue with their childish ways. Yes, I got absolutely blooming soaked. Β I walked home with rain dripping off every orifice. Of course my umbrella could not hack the howling wind, my boots were several shades darker due to the sheer volume of water, my backpack thank goodness is waterproof but even that was struggling. My coat was a camel wool coat… so go figure and my bobble hat was my last resort- let’s just say it is still drying in the only humid room of my flat. I must have looked a hot mess when I stumbled into Costa with rain dripping off my face and maybe that justified my order of a large hot chocolate.

I was optimistic that my heating would have been fixed and that I could have dried my things off on the radiator. But oh no.It was freezing once I’d taken off all my soaked layers. I phoned up maintenance and apparently they are coming on Thursday… no rush then. I said my neighbours have been buying small heaters and he laughed. The phone call basically went along the lines of … look love we know the heating isn’t working on floor 3 and it’s not our problem. It’s not like we don’t pay enough for these studios or anything.

You know what though? Despite being soaked and cold, I’ve had a pretty decent day. It was pretty touch and go when I genuinely thought my hob was going to explode but it’s stopped with the alarming noises now.

Basically the moral of the story is to not walk in the rain and to admit defeat and get on the damn bus CMEW. An umbrella can only deal with so much and camel is not a good colour to wear when it’s raining!







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