Christmas came early this year!


It might not come as a surprise to hear that I am very much looking forward to Christmas this year. I’m also loving making my little humble abode into a tasteful ‘hints of Christmas’ kind of dwelling. I must say, I am quite particular. I’m one of those girls that likes what she likes and is not that often willing to compromise (except that I now have an Android but that’s a whole different story. I think it probably stems from my sweet Mumsie who is also as meticulous and particular.

superthumbWhen I was little I would get soooo excited about decorating the tree but I always noticed that the baubles did not stay in the place where I put them. In hind sight little me, probably didn’t know what tasteful was! That is probably why they proceeded to provide me with my own Christmas tree to cover with questionable baubles and to effectively ruin so the main man/pine in the living remained looking picture perfect and was pride of place. I vividly remember my Dad having to twist the tree in order to find it’s best side… oh yes you heard me! Also let’s not even get onto tinsel. It is a banned word in my household and long may it continue.

Enough of that. I want to showcase my Christmas offerings… Will has already commented on my Instagram with ‘It’s November’ yes, yes it is. BUT it’s nearly December and the Coca Cola Advert is out so I mean does it really matter!?

I like to think my shelf is fairly aligned, please don’t tell me, it will make me into a broken girl as I have spent AGES trying to darn hardest to make it as picture perfect as possible (so much alliteration… how cheeky)

I like to go with the word tasteful. I like to think I make Christmas tasteful. I like to have a colour scheme and I refuse to compromise like I said. Matching is a BIG thing. I like to think it all matches… I mean I have the general colour scheme of grey, yellow, white and duck egg blue in my studio and my Christmas colours are: grey, wood, red, white with a few accent colours on my other shelf which houses my advent calendars eeek! I’m so excited for the first of December… MOOMINS!

So these are my few token festive items!

My whicker heart was an absolute bargain and I actually bought it quite a few years ago from Primark and it just so happens it is blooming festive! Moving along the bottom shelf is my new little addition a £1 ceramic house from Poundland in GREY & RED oh yes! I think that was one of the most tasteful pieces I’d ever found in there so I had to snap it up! On the other side of my self I have my post rack which has a rather adorable Guernsey Donkey card from my parents which came with my Christmas care package! I think Donkey’s are actually quite festive (might get another piece that I can stick my battery operated tea lights into… they flicker too! £1 for 3 from Poundland. Heck yes!

I also love my pegs, they were part of a care package in first year (yes they are still going strong) My Mumsie finds the cutest things to put in care packages and I love them dearly! They also happen to be grey and red eeeek!

Next up is my cute little Reindeer pal, he’s also a new addition from my Mumsie and I love him. I’ve added a tea light to make him stand out because he totally deserves it.
Here’s my cute bargain house, it has Christmas tree cut outs and stars on the roof, it is very cute.
Finally, there’s this little guy, isn’t he cute? I picked him up from a cute little store in the Peak District, might have been Castleton actually!


I just love my little festive shelf display, I know it is still November and maybe it is a little early but what harm can a few twinkly tea lights, reindeers, pegs and Christmas house do hey?


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