It’s ok to have an off day.

I just want to document that it is ok to have an off day. It is ok to just have a good old cry now and again. It is ok to not feel on top of the world. The truth is I am tired, cold and feeling somewhat poorly. I guess I just feel a little fragile and cannot wait to head home.

My throat is sore which means I’ve probably caught something on my weekly commute which isn’t ideal. I am ready to head home. I do however have a mountain of work to do before I head home. I feel like I’m going through a bit of a blip and people are starting to notice. I mean I know I am beyond exhausted when I went tumbling into a wall on placement and the first question Will asked me was whether I was eating properly…

I’m just so tired that I haven’t really felt like doing a lot except work and sleeping. I’m not all that hungry and I’ve mostly been eating Β£3 meal deals from the Tesco which is below me, oh and reduced chocolate filled donuts which are a Β£1 for 5… bargain!

I’ve written about stuff in the past on here and I guess I am merely reminding myself that sometimes I don’t have to have my **** together, sometimes I can just phone up my parents and have a good old cry about everything and anything. Yes I am twenty-two and yes I am an adult but the one person that always knows how to deal with me is my Mumsie (Will is pretty darn good) but she’s obviously known me the longest so I guess that’s her advantage.

I’ve been an avid tea drinker this week, the milky hot stuff is most definitely coming to my aid. I’m pleased about this.

I reached a bit of a low on Wednesday, I just felt so faint all day and lost my balance. I just think I’ve been working myself incredibly hard and my body is starting to struggle under the pressure. My cooking facilities in my studio are also highly questionable and my hob is basically a safety hazard and I’ve decided to not use it for the time being.

More Β£3 meal deals for me then…

I look at how far I have come in all aspects of life and I can’t help but feel somewhat proud of myself. I mean I haven’t done that badly. Mum, Dad, Will keep reminding me that it’s only one final push and this whole law degree thing will be finished which is exciting but also a tad scary. In actual fact I would have just attended my graduation in a years time *here’s hoping*

So despite this blip I must keep on.

*Note to self, keep on going*

the things I would do for a double G&T right now…

I would really like a bottle of gin but I fear it could be a tad risky to keep it in my possession.


2 thoughts on “It’s ok to have an off day.

  1. Fashion Schlub November 26, 2016 / 8:14 pm

    Yup, life is all “just keep going.” You can have an off day, a crying day, a loll about in your bed all day day…but eventually you just have to keep going.

    Sometimes I wish there were more options!



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