What did November teach me?

Happy Sunday muchkins! It is December 4th we are four days into December but I want to reflect on the past month and tell you what I learnt in November!



screen-shot-2016-12-04-at-19-20-50November taught me to persevere. It taught me that even when you feel like giving up and cannot physically fathom how you will get through everything… you can do it!


November was somewhat of a waiting game for a number of reasons and for that very reason it taught me to be brave. Yes, it was perfectly ok to not be brave to those who knew what was going on… but to the outside world I think I was incredibly brave. November taught me to be brave.


November taught me that love is all I truly need. November told me that it is love that keeps me going day in and day out. November highlighted just how much I love my man. I feel like I keep falling more in love every single day. Love is the most important thing of all.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

As a student money doesn’t grow on trees, it comes from the bank of Mum & Dad, which I am admittedly not proud about. I think this year I have realised that money literally goes no where. Money should be treated with respect… let’s ignore my earlier retail therapy purchase shall we? Yes agreed.

Don’t bottle **** up, it’s better to cry

cfs_transparent_backgrouY’know what? It’s better to just have a good old cry instead of fighting back the tears.It doesn’t make you weak. In the long run you’ll feel better than trying to hold a bunch of tears in.



Hello December I’m pleased you are here!


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