2017! What does it have in store?

Hello chums! 

As promised it’s time for a bit of a chat. So grab a cuppa and something sweet! Now it might just seem that 2017 is simply another year, basicslly just another 365 days of life… But on a personal note it’s quite an important year. I fear this is going to be quite the lengthy post so apologies in advance (you have been warned)

I can’t believe I started this blog back at the beginning of my degree that is such a scary thought! Back them graduation seemed years and years away. Where as now, I have four months left of being a law undergrad. I handed in my final assessment of semester one today. My mum worked out that I only have 14 weeks left of my education which is such a daunting thought but it’s also incredibly exciting. I just cannot believe where the time has gone! One minute I was a fresher the next I was in my final year and ready to enter the world of adulthood. This girl is no longer a fledgling. 

In some ways I cannot wait to finish uni and to finally settle and not have to pretend to be a student because if you ask anyone that knows me… I am pretty bad at being a student. I don’t think Will even classes me as a student these days! A lot of people are now starting to ask that dreaded question of what’s next? 

Well, I’m leaving Sheffield, that is a given. I’m going to look for a job in the legal sector and have decided to ditch the LPC due to the proposed changes as 15k is a lot of money… So I guess the next step is job hunting! Which is very exciting but also a very daunting prospect. I’ve had meeting with my academic advisor who has given me feedback on my performance on placement and CV and he was positive about my prospects. Here’s hoping someone wants to employ a Flossie.

I’m also making a rather big step and have decided to move to Bristol… I.e… I’m moving in with Will. I’m sure you’ll hear more about that in the future but it’s the current plan! I had to promise to not bring all my beloved coats with me however… 

I’m trying to think about what else is going on in 2017 apart from moving cities, graduating and moving in with William. Oh in April we are off to Tenerife with Will’s family for just under two weeks which will be nice! It’s just before exams so I might have to fit in some tactical revision in between absorbing the sun and having fun.

I also turn twenty three… Where on earth is the time going. Graduation is in November as well as my darlings birthday. 

I also think me and Will are planning a kind of last minute hidat just the two of us towards the end of summer.

So, basically 2017 is going to be rather hectic! There will be a lot of big changes, which I am sure you’ll hear about in due course! I’m glad 2016 had been and gone, in some ways it was lovely but in others it was not. I am very happy with where I am in my life. I feel extremely blessed for all that I have and the opportunities I have been given.

I’m also going to try and drink less as Christmas was rather an indulgent time… We shall see how that goes.. as well as the genetic tone up and lose Christmas pudge. 

So here is to 2017! 


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