Lets talk about 2016!

Hello Chums!

I thought it was about time that I start talking about 2016! I know there are so many of these type of posts and it gets a bit tedious… so I apologise in advance! In hindsight 2016 most definitely had it’s ups but it also had it’s downs… but you know what? I wouldn’t change anything because right now my life is incredible and I am so very very blessed. So my loves, lets start where it all began!


2016 started back in our homeland, Guernsey with our nearest and dearest! In January I spent quality time with my parents and my family before I flew back to the UK to be reunited with William (who was in Reading) We visited Stonehenge in January as well as spending our weekend visiting various museums in London! I was then a rather sad girly as I had to leave my love and make the journey back to the North for semester 2!


Feb was a fairly quiet month! It was Valentines day but me and Will were not together on the day! I think it was the month I started my dreading driving lessons in Sheffield! The less said about that the better… Actually February was a bit of a crap month. My Gran was extremely poorly and everyone thought that was it. I remember having multiple phone calls from my Mum to say my final goodbyes. I went out with the girls a few times for pizza and wine.


March was a much better month! It started with a visit from my parents which was well needed! Will also visited me and we went to the Lady Bower reservoir and played in the snow! I also made a quick trip home to see my family which coincided with the birth of Sebby! I also started working for a local law firm and had to conduct research! Looking back March was quite the hectic month!


April started off with me still in Guernsey! However I flew back to Manchester on the 4th as it was the beginning of exam period! April involved a lot of revision and a visit from Will! We visited Chatsworth House, had cream tea, ate tapas, saw baby lambs, I covered my wall in a sea of post it notes and went on a bit of a food health kick! I basically spent the month revising in short.


May was the month of all things fun… exams! I had about 6 exams in the space of a week and a half. During this time I was poorly and was surviving off Pom Bears! Woo. This month consisted of late night mock exams & more post it notes! Oh and care packages to see me through! Then the best bit… was GOING HOME and leaving my awful second year flat! It was disgusting!


June was a bit of an up and down month! Me and Will went on holiday to France for two weeks. The first week was spent in Beynac Cazenac in a beautiful property overlooking the river. The second week was spent in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val in another beautiful property! We saw many beautiful things and explored many different places but it was bitter sweet for many different reasons. Never the less it was all part of this crazy journey of life!


July was a bit of a rocky old month. In particular the 11th July. But I am not dwelling on that. Instead I am going to focus on the good bits! I spent many a happy afternoon/evening on the beach with my family and friends! AND I had my first swim in the sea back in Guernsey! I also started my work placement at another law firm, it was my wonderful Mum’s birthday!


In August I started a bit of a health kick… might not have lasted all that long however… I spent a lot more time at the beach (I was a definite beach bum) I also spent a weekend with Will in the UK! It was spent Pokemoning, drinking Ale, exploring IKEA, adventures in London as well as eating an abundance of delicious food! It was also a month of celebrating as it was my wonderful parents 25th wedding anniversary and Will was over for his sisters upcoming wedding!


September started with Lucy and Reco’s wedding (Will’s sister) which was absolutely beautiful! It was also the month that I had to go back to the UK, I also turned 22 in a beautiful log cabin in the Peak District with my parents and Will! Oh and I become the resident of a rather cute studio for final year!


October was the month I settled back into university life! Will also visited me which was absolutely wonderful! I got to grips with my new module and started with my weekly placement in a law firm! When Will visited we went geocaching and visited some beautiful places and made friends with some cows! Oh GBBO was also pretty darn important in my life (especially Selasi!) Oh and lots of cups of tea ❤


November was quite a hectic month! It was also my reading week which I spent with Will in Reading for around 10 days! This was the final time I’d be heading down to Reading as my darling boy was getting ready to move to Bristol! During reading week, Will surprised me with a weekend away in Bristol! It was such a fun weekend! We went out with his best friend, raided the isles of a 24 hr Sainsbury and explored the Welsh countryside! I also started getting very excited about Christmas!!!


And finally it was December! It was the month of deadlines and absolute stress but towards the end it was filled with dreamy things with my nearest and dearest! My wonderful Mumsie visited me in Sheffield and flew home with me and Will came home! It was rather fabbie! We built a gingerbread house, went out with family & friends, spent quality time together and basically just had a really lovely time! Oh and not forgetting my wonderful Moomin advent calendar which was a gift from my gorgeous boy!

So my darlings! There is a whirlwind tour of my 2016! I am so incredibly excited about 2017! There is so much to look forward to and I honestly cannot wait! I hope you enjoyed hearing about my year! Here’s to the next! Thank you for sticking with me ❤

Love and hugs

C xxx


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