Waiting around


Happy hump day lovelies,

It is Wednesday, another week has rolled by. Where on earth is the time going? I apologise about the lack of posts, I mean I would love to be that girl who could write interesting and exciting stories about my life but currently it’s all rather monotonous. I’m back to Uni, back to eat-sleep-law-repeat as I like to call it. This week has mostly consisted of travel, waiting around and lectures. Like I said, monotonous to say the least! In all honesty I had great intentions to post more whilst I was in Bristol and despite my microwave mug cake being a hit it was a pretty shoddy effort on my part. To be quite honest I’m struggling to know what to write?

One positive that has come out of life being somewhat mundane is that I have rediscovered my love for reading. When I was younger I absolutely loved getting stuck into a good book (albeit if it was written by Jacqueline Wilson) I would curl up under a blanket and get sucked into a fictional worlds for hours. I feel like law had somewhat dampened my love for reading! BUT chaps, I will not be defeated. When me and my mum were wandering around Waitrose (the John Lewis bit) I stumbled across the book section and for some bizarre reason I felt compelled to buy one. My mum was unsure whether I’d even read it, but regardless we bought the book! I’ll probably do a review on it once I’ve finished! I’m speeding through it and let’s just say, I am hooked! I thought I’d easy myself in gently with a serial killer who abducts little girls, dresses them up in dolls clothes and hangs a placard around their necks saying ‘I’m travelling alone’ (fyi… that just happens to be the title of the book in question!)

Whenever I have had a spare minute or a long journey I have most definitely found solace in my book! I’m hoping this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship, CMEW and her books! I discovered my absolute favourite place to read a book is on the train! I had a rather lengthy trip back to Sheffield on Sunday evening which meant I packed myself up, folded my legs and read many a chapter on my way back to the North. It probably helped that I was in First Class and for the majority of the journey carriage A was empty which made it a lot easier to read as there were little distractions. I did however manage to read a good few chapters on my commute to placement this morning and I think I’ll read at least one chapter before I head to bed.

On that note, I’m absolutely exhausted and I have a cup of tea with my name on it


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