Book review: I’m Travelling Alone


most twenty somethings are probably doing something a lot more fun than reviewing a book but I am not. I’m somewhat bored, counting down the days till I am finished in this city and I’m half attempting to watch Blue Murder. So, I thought it was the perfect time to do a book review. I’m not going to call this a series because I’ve failed on the baking/cooking front already. So here is a one off (might be more) book review.

I originally picked up this book whilst trawling the isles in John Lewis, I said to my Mum I rather fancy picking up a book… I think we were both hesitant whether I was truly committed to the cause but turns out I amΒ committed.

I suppose it was the blurb on the front of the book that first got me interested. I’ve always been a girl that liked the down right weird and disturbing and what could be better than a book about a serial killer who dresses little girls in dolls dresses, places a satchel on their back and adds a luggage tag with the words ‘I’m travelling alone’

Point proven.

It was one of those books that kept you guessing, it created genuine suspense and unlike a lot of plots I couldn’t figure it out within the first 20 mins… I mean what is the fun in that? I haven’t actually read any of Samuel Bjork’s books before but I will most definitely be reading more of his! Especially in that genre.

The characters were also memorable, the author truly make them likeable and relatable, as a reader you can feel a sort of connection. The main two characters were Holger Munch (the main man) and Mia Kruger who had effectively gone into hiding.

The beginning of the book was sudden, it didn’t jump straight into the juicy bits. I feel like it set the scene and introduced all the vital characters. I think I felt unsure on how the rest of the book was going to pan out.

Gosh. This is not the best review.

It didn’t end quickly either, there were LOTS of plot twists, lots of cliff hangers (but like I said they were done in a tasteful manner)

I’m not going to give the plot away before I just recommend you buy it and read it!

If you like suspense, dark twists, thrillers, murder & crime then this is most definitely the book for you. The plot made it personal, you felt somewhat involves? I’m not sure, maybe it’s just me that gets sucked into this fictional world.

So what would I rate it?


highly recommend!


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