The mundane


It’s a Friday evening, well actually Saturday morning. I’m a wild one that is lying in bed with a million thoughts racing through my mind. I should in theory be tucked up in bed fast asleep but alas I am not. I feel like everyone has one of those sheer panic moments where they turn to the internet for help. The internet is of course known for its crap, it is know for scaring people witless. Perhaps I’ve fallen victim to it? Here I am aged twenty two turning to Google to find the answers to my question. In hindsight I rather it hadn’t of answered. The human body is just so blooming complicated. I find it’s sometimes impossible to know what is normal and what’s not.

Like I said in my last post life is a tad mundane and monotonous. But it’s what it is if you get me? I feel like I sometimes just shrug things off without fully acknowledging them? I remember when it first happened and I remember Will saying I don’t think this is normal? Maybe that was a year or so ago, I remember rationalising it and just thinking well it’s normal for me so that makes it ok? Surely?

I probably sound like I’m talking riddles but I’d rather not talk about such personal things on the world wide web, even that is a step too far for me. I guess looking back it’s not quite been right? Even since I was dragged effectively kicking and screaming by Will it hasn’t quite been normal?

Then again what on earth is normal? I’m in two minds about what to do? Maybe I should just stop being a wimp and see what they think? I just don’t know. I mean I have the majority of the symptoms and it’s been ongoing for months. It’s me that has rationalised it. I know everyone says there’s nothing to worry about but I hate going there at the best of times. I am like a child when it comes to such things.

I get what’s happening isn’t normal! And in hindsight I have lost my other batch of pills so I could kill two birds with one stone so to speak?

On another note coherent note my cacti hospital didn’t work. My baby is no more

My Mum is trying to fill me with optimism about the sprout… But it looks like it’s on its way out. I’ll probably privatise this post tomorrow when I see what a riddle it is. I just wish my body would behave itself. I’m ridiculously tired and probably bordering on the verge of being anemic. As Miranda’s mother would say ‘such fun’. I’m going to take myself and my troublesome body to bed.

It’s being a right pain.


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