1am chats


There is no acceptable reason why I’m decided to blog at 1am, it’s kind of just happened. I think I fooled myself into thinking I’m not that tired but I always somehow forget that tomorrow I will have to drag myself out of bed and face another day of being a final year law undergrad. I also just want to say that when I’m wearing dungarees I feel a ok about everything. So on that note that’s why I’m justifying using a selfie as my ‘feature image’.

I’ll be honest, I’m not too sure where this post is going, there is not an awful lot of rivetting things going on in my life. I got stopped in Sheffield City Centre by the local newspaper who wanted to interview home owners. I mean I am ecstatic that I look like someone who owns a house but unfortunately I do not. I will one day however. I passed him again and he then asked whether I paid council tax, I then had to politely explain that I’m still a student. I’m blaming my red coat, it gives a pretty put together vibe. I mean, I would like to think I’m put together.

Trying to wrack my brains on what other exciting things happened today. Oh, I bought a hole punch after iffing about it for months and you know what I blooming love it. No more bloody paper flying about here there and everywhere. I also bought a folder, dividers and stickies for my law in practice portfolio. I have spent the whole evening sorting it out, watched the finale of apple tree yard (didn’t rate it all that much) and then watched some bizarre drama on BBC iPlayer called the fall about mass hysteria I think? I’m not sure, I wasn’t that dedicated to the cause and kept browsing various different social media platforms.

I guess something exciting happened, of you can call it exciting…. I finished Missing Presumed that book I was reading that I’ve probably been jabbering on about here there and everywhere. One word meh. It was alright. Not a juicy as the previous. I’ve now started on a big Bertha as Will would say. Gosh I miss him, I miss that face so blooming much. Also his bum? Is that a step too far. But one word PEACHY.

If he reads this and sees I’ve described his bottom to the world as peachy I’m sure he’ll be ecstatic… I miss the cheeky comments, the weekend lie ins, random late night googlings for limericks and we stumbled upon some cracking ones… Which in hindsight are far too rude to repeat. Gosh the random things we get up to like watching dogs run into glass windows and putting on the crazy goat video and just watching the pure delight in Will’s face and watching the tears form. I just miss little things like that and him just coming over and plonking himself down on me. Not long to go however till I can shower two years worth of love and boy am I ready to wave goodbye to here.

I feel like my love affair with the north has ended. I feel like this chapter just needs to end already. I mean there’s 10 weeks left. Not an awful long time and 2 weeks of that are on holiday, 5 days will be spent at home, this weekend I have visitors and Will is due to visit at some point too. I mean I can’t really grumble.

There is probably a reason why 1am chats are frowned upon, your mind is absolutely everywhere, one minute I’m on about dungers, books, bums and then crazy goats. What is my brain. Actually, on a second thought please refrain from answering that one.

Tomorrow is another delight. I have a gap from 12-5 and I finish at 6. So I have great intentions of being super duper productive and starting my other protfolio file because it’s not looking at fabby as my LIP one. We shall see. I’ll get home and then it will dawn on me that I’ll have to be up at 5:30am for placement and I will be overrun with joy. Thursday I have a presentation, followed by a potential interview, then clinic then I can trundle home feeling like a wreck of a woman.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday however are exciting! My mum, auntie and cousin are visiting for the weekend. Which means decent food, alcohol, friendly faces, love, TLC, tapas and churros oh and cocktails. My body is most definitely ready for this.

Right I’m going to call it a night before I launch into another soppy paragraph about how much I hate not being with Will. Fyi I blooming hate it, just in case any of you were wondering.

It’s 01:40 fab.

My alarm will be going back 30ins, praying I won’t wake up with a grease bomb (hair) in the morning

Only time shall tell!


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