Another late night chat

It’s 12ish, I mean it’s better than a 1am chat surely? It’s a tad more socially acceptable. If you’ve clocked the featured image you might have guessed that the future is exciting! I mean something fairly big has happened this week… this little dungaree wearing and tea drinking twenty two year old started applying for jobs.

Well, I in theory uploaded my CV onto a few job websites and didn’t really think very much of it. So, when my phone started going off on the train on Wednesday (less than 24 hrs after) I wasn’t expecting it to be about potential job opportunities. To cut a long story short, I have a meeting with someone next Friday and I have to complete a questionnaire and psychometric test for another followed by a Skype interview.

NotΒ tooΒ shabby for my first attempt at applying for jobs.

So that is all rather exciting.

This weekend is also rather exciting because my Mumsie, Auntie and Cousin are visiting me this weekend (like I might have mentioned) so we are going to drink cocktails and have a well of a time! Then on Wednesday my darling Will is going to visit me, we are going to watch Rings at the cinema! I’m sure I’ll be a limpet and will be holding onto Will for dear life and jumping every two minutes.

I feel like I’ve suddenly had another burst of life about everything? I feel like I needed that little pick me up to refocus on what really matters.

This is a bit of a shorter chat than my last one. Oh and if you were wondering whether Will clocked the fact I’d described his bottom as peachy on the internet? Yes, yes he did and he secretly probably loved it.

On that note chaps, I’m going to drink my herbal tea and head to bed.

Oh and a book review on ‘Missing Presumed’ is coming soon, promise!


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