Book Review: The Steel Kiss


It’s been a little while! Apols.

I am back with a book review (I’ve admittedly read quite a few since this one) but anyway lets roll with it! So how would I describe this book?

In todays world we all want the latest gadgets, the fancy pancy **** like smart TV’s, devices that can be controlled through our smart phones, we basically want the biggest and the bestest (yes I know it’s not a word!) So my loves, imagine if our beloved technology suddenly went against us? Imagine if what we love could be manipulated and configured to kill? Am I selling it to you?

Imagine if someone could effectively kill numerous people by using the things us humans love the most! Do you like the sound of that? Well this book basically deals with just that. The main woman known as Red and the man, Lincoln Rhyme and a whole host of other fabulous characters try and trace down the perp but is it as straightforward as it first seem, to put it simply… no, no it is not! I’d like to put this in the big bertha category of books as it’s a big old fat one (because that is most definitely a thing y’know!) There are a lot of OMG moments where you simply cannot but down the book till you’ve read at least another 3 chapters maybe pushing 4 and you are blooming fighting to stay awake! The book itself is set in New York and I was somewhat hesitant about it being set in America originally but it’s safe to say my fears were short lived! Basically it is a blooming good book, more that your average who’dun’it novel! It’s a lot more technical and makes you think about things in a very different light. Since reading it I haven’t got on an escalator without thinking about this book… but you of course need to read it to understand why! 😉

^  How sassy was that! BTW all opinions are my own! I’m looking forward to Deavers Burial Hour (a cheeky sneak preview is in the back of the book… what a tease!)

Jezza Deaver, you my man are a talented author!

Two words, highly recommend!


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