The Trouble with Goats and Sheep: book review!

Evening, or should I say morning! Regardless of the time I am back with another book review! Also featuring my fabulous dinosaur dress otherwise known as my rawrrrr dress!

This was quite the different genre for me! I must say it’s very different to a lot of books out there and I suppose the best word to describe it with is ‘quirky’! Now, there is nothing wrong with being quirky! I for one know that…

It was the authors first book and I must say I am looking forward to her next book which is coming out later this year!

So enough waffle, I’ll give you a brief overview! The two main characters are two girls called Grace and Tilly who take on the role of amateur detectives when a woman from their avenue goes missing! The story takes place in a particularly hot summer in 1970’s Britain! Upon Mrs Creasey’s disappearance the two girls set out to find God as they believe God will keep everyone safe if they are successful! Let’s just say it makes you think about the way you perceive people and as I’m originally an island girl I probably related to the story more as everyone in the book knew each other and their business!

I would say it is a really lighthearted read and definitely captivated me from the beginning! There’s some rather humourous parts (one of which contains a drainpipe) and a lot of secrets are revealed throughout! It’s most definitely a fairly feel happy book and despite it being a total different genre I blooming loved it!

My advice? Definitely buy it if you are willing to embrace new levels of quirky and most definitely sometimes step out of your comfort zone in order to find hidden beauties like this!


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