A message to my future children: Love is stronger than hate will ever be!


My loves, love is so much more powerful than hate. Please don’t spend your lives being afraid. I hate to think about what state the world will be in by the time you come along. I pray that my generation will try and stand united against these barbaric individuals and will not let the actions of a handful of callous and sadistic individuals stop you from pursuing your dreams. Today the whole world grieve for the loss of those who were the most innocent people in our society. These heartless individuals deliberately targeted the young and their families. They added scrapnel to add to the impact, nails, bolts, nuts and ball-bearings were placed inside the device.

I’m imagining your soft young skin, maybe a few freckles dotted around. The thought of anything hateful penetrating your skin makes me shudder.

Just like my own parents I would most likely try to wrap you up in cotton wool and keep you so very close to my chest. I would struggle with the concept that one day I would have to let you go. It would be my life long mission to protect you, to keep you from out of harm’s way, to dress any wounds and comfort you when you cried.

The scary thought is that perhaps I wouldn’t be able to protect you? What if something happened that was completely out of my control. What if I couldn’t be there every minute of the day making sure you were safe? I’m trying to imagine how the parents of those young and innocent victims are feeling. I’m trying to imagine how I’d cope knowing that it was hate that ultimately took you away from me.

I’m trying to convince myself that I wouldn’t end up hating the perpetrators, that I wouldn’t want to harm those who took away your innocence and opportunities and that hate serves no true purpose. I would love to say for certain that I would always keep you safe from harm without stifling you and being that mum that says no to absolutely everything because of the what IFS.

My loves, I want you to embrace the UK’s diverse and wonderful culture. I want you to be welcoming to every single person despite their nationality, religion or race! I want you to have a kind heart and to see the good in people. My darling the world might sometimes seem a scary place but the good outshines the bad.

I want you to know that Muslims are wonderful and kind hearted people, I want you to know that in the 2017 Manchester attack, these individuals went out of their way to help, doctors, taxi drivers, business owners and passersby risked their life.

Please don’t ever judge a person by the colour of their skin. Please don’t spend your life living in fear of the what IFS, chase your dreams, be ambitious and always try to have that young, naive and innocent heart that you had as a helpless child.

I want you to know that I spent my student years in the North of England. Sheffield was a diverse and multicultural city, I want you to know that during my degree I met some incredible individuals who have a heart of gold but share very similar names to these bad people and whose families come from the same places. I never want you to be the person that makes an excuse to move away from a certain person on a train or a plane.

I want you to believe that the world is a good and wonderful place and that life is so incredibly precious and therefore no moment must be spent on hate. Life is the most precious gift of all and unfortunately my little one it can be taken away in the blink of an eye. But, please don’t be afraid.

When the time comes I want you to go to that party, concert, holiday with the girls and shopping with your friends or that long awaited champions league game that you have been banging on about for months.

Yes I’ll find letting go extremely hard, I will understandably worry every time you leave the house and arrive home 10 minutes late. Expect frantic phone-calls and ‘text me when you get there’s’ every single time.

Never let the actions of a small number of individuals deter you from loving life to the absolute fullest.

As of current you are merely figments of my imagination… But when the time comes I will return back to this post and sit you down and will try to show you just how strong and undefeatable we all are if we love instead of hate.

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 08.44.45


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