A little musing about life.

If I’ve learnt anything after this leg/foot injury it is this.

Do not take any body part for granted. In Sheffield throughout my 3 years studying law I walked absolutely everywhere. It didn’t matter whether it was raining or shining… I still walked there and back to university every single day. Not once did I miss a day because I could not be bothered to walk. Those that know me well know I absolutely love going on adventures (which typically involves a lot of walking) it is without doubt one of my most favourite things to do. Since moving to Bristol I have been quite restricted in what I have been able to do! I had great ambitions on going on daily walks and being able to do LOTS and lots but I just haven’t been able to. I’ll be honest going anywhere on crutches completely exhausts me. I come home and quite often just get into bed because it’s so blooming tiring. This is by no means a ‘woe is my life post’ because I have an amazing life and I’m so incredibly blessed to share it with some amazing people. This post is more of a do not take your legs or any body part for granted! It is a gift, it a blooming marvellous gift to be able to walk around and to not have to depend on others! I have so much admiration to those that have no choose but to live their lives depending on either crutches or a wheelchair, for a heads up you guys are blooming amazing!

I suppose to some extent it doesn’t come as a surprise that my body is taking a long time to sort itself out because I’m to some extent a bit of a medical mystery when it comes to my joints, bones and muscles and I’m not quite ‘right’ (Will shall see this and make a remark agreeing with this statement). I suppose what I’m trying to say is that no one should let an ailment or ‘disability’ get in the way from pursuing life to the absolutely fullest. (Blog post coming up about such things).

I know it’s going to heal in time but it’s a subtle reminder to embrace every single day and to rejoice for every thing that I do! So my loves, the moral of this story is to take nothing or no one for granted but to still make life as dreamy as possible along the way (even in the not so good bits)

Love C xxx


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