A flossie to do list.

Evening my loves.

Tonight I wanted to talk about my ‘Bucket List’. I don’t really like that term so mine shall be called ‘The Flossie To-do List’ `(if achieved before I’m 30 then that’s blooming marvellous but if it takes my whole life time I am okay with this).

I mean the concept of a bucket list has been around for a very long time and despite the hype I never boarded the bucket list bandwagon until now. I feel like kicking the bucket isn’t a very me term so I’m going to try and achieve all of these things before I flossie my way outta here! If I manage to achieve all that I set out to do then other things will be added because life is all about living and making dreamy memories right?

So without further a do… here it is

Flossie’s To-do List

  1. Ride in a tuk tuk.
  2. Go in a hot air balloon.
  3. Visit Canada.
  4. Spend Christmas in New York.
  5. Adopt a doggie.
  6. Have babies.
  7. Get married.
  8. Join some sort of water sports e.g. aqua aerobics.
  9. Hire a canal boat.
  10. Go on holiday just me and Will.
  11. See some bears in Alaska.
  12. Ride the Rocky Mountaineer Train.
  13. Take Dad and Mum to Abu Dhabi to F1 world and to see F1 racing.
  14. Own a mint green kitchen aid.
  15. Attend a festival.
  16. Go on a husky ride/own huskies.
  17. Stay in a teepee.
  18. Go skinny dipping.
  19. Achieve front door perfection.
  20. Visit Japan.

Better get started!



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