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22 things that I learnt whilst being an undergrad at university!

Oh Hiya! It's me. Embrace first year, be hellish wild, do irresponsible things BUT (always stay safe).   In halls you are normally paired with an absolute bunch of misfits, your characters will clash, one flatmate will ALWAYS come back and wreck something and whilst doing so will no doubt set the fire alarm off… Continue reading 22 things that I learnt whilst being an undergrad at university!

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Surprise weekend away!

Happy Saturday! I haven't done a cutesie type adventure post in a little while so I thought I'd make the most of it and snap away! I apologise in advance that some of these images are admittedly from my Snapchat so the quality might be questionable. Anyway! I was given instructions by Will to pack… Continue reading Surprise weekend away!

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We have arrived!

Evening you beautiful bunch! I am back with a less chatter and more photos type post! We arrived at our lodge for the week on Friday afternoon and I thought I'd take you on a tour of the lodge! We are literally in the middle of nowhere! The lodges are down a tiny and bumpy… Continue reading We have arrived!

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Belated gratitude!

Evening you gorgeous bunch! Here is a belated gratitude for you to sink your teeth (more like eyes) into! The last 10 days have been crazy busy! So where do I begin? Well, Will's lovely sister married her love and it was such a beautiful day! She looked absolutely stunning! My parents celebrated 25 years of… Continue reading Belated gratitude!

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Adventures in the Midi-Pyrénées!

Hello little Chums of mine!  I still have a ton to talk to you about regarding hols! We visited a lot of beautiful towns and bastides (which is still one of our fave words!) It really was a beautiful part of the world! So quaint, peaceful and relaxing! If you want to escape to a… Continue reading Adventures in the Midi-Pyrénées!

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Coffee and Hot chocs in Sarlat-la-Caneda,

The weather was shocking but it did not phase us! Of course I rewarded myself with something chocolate based in the form of a drink. It had ALL the naughtiness! Once again it was a town which had beautiful architecture and lovely little narrow streets with shops selling local delights! It did admittedly rain for… Continue reading Coffee and Hot chocs in Sarlat-la-Caneda,

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Exploring Domme!

Domme is described as a beautiful Dordogne town which is nestled high above the river! It is known as a Bastide as it was a fortified town (we found a lot of Bastides on our travels!) We merely went for a drive and a little wander and as expected Will decided to snap the moment! It's… Continue reading Exploring Domme!

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It’s the little things

A long and overdue meaningful Monday! For me personally, it's the little things that matter. It's the things that do not necessarily require a heap of money, it's the childish and silly things that make you belly laugh and tears form that are worth remembering. At the end of the day materialistic things will expire. Memories will… Continue reading It’s the little things

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Exploring Chatsworth and afternoon tea!

  It's no secret that we like to get out and about and explore new places. Will hadn't told me where we were going and he just started driving out of Sheffield and towards the Peaks! As we were getting closer he asked me whether I had any inkling on where we were going so… Continue reading Exploring Chatsworth and afternoon tea!

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Fun at the park!

Morning little webbers!  Today is a Monday BUT I am on holiday which means no lectures and no seminars about law for this little lady! On Saturday we headed to our local park for a bit of fun and frolics! It was a little on the nippy side but never the less we ran around… Continue reading Fun at the park!

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Saturday Gratitudes!

Happy Saturday little webblings! What is this little lady grateful for this week?  For delicious pancakes and the most delightful smoothie before an early morning flight!  For the wonderful gift of precious new life ❤     For safe and easy travel!      For a delicious Mr Whippy & flake overlooking the beautiful headland and… Continue reading Saturday Gratitudes!

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A day in the High Peaks!

  The river Derwent We climbed up Win Hill (which was actually the way to the Ladybower Reservoir The views were incredible and we met some rather friendly walkers and bikers along the way!   What makes this reservoir particularly unique? Well that rather large hole which looks rather intimidating! They are formally known as… Continue reading A day in the High Peaks!

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Meaningful Monday

I jumped on the express train of 'Meaningful Monday' a couple of months back but I must have got off at the wrong stop because my whole making a Monday meaningful and not mundane... clearly came to a halt along the way... So you guessed it! It's time to hop back on board in a bid… Continue reading Meaningful Monday

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(Saturday Gratitudes)

Morning my little March buds! The weekends here always seem to drag and therefore I felt I needed a little spring in my step and needed to post something positive because the weather is fairly frightful and a fire would be so delightful (but I unfortunately do not have a cosy fire to curl up… Continue reading (Saturday Gratitudes)