Ticking something off the list!

Ok so before I start I know it isn't a proper proper festival BUT I went to a sort of festival and Will is allowing it to count as a festival! The first thing has been ticked off my bucket list! We went to Yeovil with a bunch of friends for their birthday and we… Continue reading Ticking something off the list!


A flossie to do list.

Evening my loves. Tonight I wanted to talk about my 'Bucket List'. I don't really like that term so mine shall be called 'The Flossie To-do List' `(if achieved before I'm 30 then that's blooming marvellous but if it takes my whole life time I am okay with this). I mean the concept of a… Continue reading A flossie to do list.

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Birthdays, they hold a fair amount of importance, but as I'm told the older you get the less people care unless it is a special one! If that is the case then people tend to go all out to celebrate! My sister would be turning the big 1-8 this year, she would have been excited… Continue reading Birthdays