The end of an era

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It’s official, I have finished my law degree. I am now a law graduate. Y’know what makes it that little bit better? Well I can now confirm that after three long years (which included literal blood, sweat and tears) I am pleased to say that I have achieved a 2:1 in my law degree. I blooming did it. I have an actual law degree and the world is mine to conquer! I never thought I’d see this day and to have it confirmed that I did pretty darn well despite all the panicking, mass hysteria and making myself poorly due to stress. Flossie, CMEW, Char, Charlotte, Charby, Hammie has flipping done it! I never have to sit another law exam ever again (unless I choose to at a later date but who knows what I’ll do!)

I cannot quite believe that this is the end of an era! I am no longer in full time education and I’m about to embark in the world of work! Exciting and scary times ahead! I am so thankful for my nearest and dearest who kept me afloat during the last 3 years and kept reminding me of the end goal.

Here I am, living with the love of my life in Bristol, I have a decent degree in law under my belt, I have a job, the most wonderful and supportive family and friends ever and lots and lots of passion for life! The house is also coming together and I think it’s starting to look like a rather delightful little home! It is all coming together rather nicely! My foot might still be giving me jip and I’ve given in and got in a wheelchair at any given opportunity but this will NOT stop me.

I am so blooming proud of all that I have achieved.

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Thank you all for sticking by me ❤

Here is to the next chapter!

It’s been two years!



I cannot believe it has been two years…

So much has happened in those two years! I feel like life has done one massive 180 degree turn. First of all thank you to all of you that still continue to follow and support my little bit of the webosphere! I really do appreciate it! You are wonderful webblings! When I first started this blog I think I had literally just finished my first year of my law degree and me and Will has decided to give things a go (as a couple). I was still living in student halls when I wrote several of my first posts and I remember I was sat on my sofa back at home when I transferred my mass posts from blogger to here!

I think one thing that has definitely changed is that I am 100% me. I am most definitely the breton stripe and dungaree wearing girl I was always meant to be! I feel completely myself where as looking back roughly two years I was just a shell of a girl. I think when I started to blog my outer shell has already started to crack but let’s just say it’s well and truly cracked now! I can guarantee you would not have found that me singing Beauty and the Beast songs in the car with Will! In fact he told me the other day I didn’t even hug him when he visited me… which is just blooming terrible!

Oh so much has changed! Some for the good, some things have not been so good! I feel like I have found my soul mate, the one who just gets me and knows me inside out and back to front. The one who embraces all my quirks (believe me there are many) and just loves me unconditionally despite my body resembling someone in their 70’s….

I never envisaged that this man would make me feel so comfortable within my skin and that he would turn out to be my very best friend. It’s funny how life goes isn’t it?

I was just a bit hard, I just wanted to have a laugh and blimey I barely phoned my parents in first year (which is unheard of because I am so incredibly close with them and like to speak to them very regularly).

I have lived in so many different places throughout the last two years:

  • Student Halls in Sheffield
  • The grim flat in Sheffield
  • The studio apartment in Sheffield
  • My home back in Guernsey
  • The latest being in Will’s house in Bristol (which we are making into a home!)

I cannot believe that I have actually finished my law degree! I cannot believe that we have taken the rather big step to move in together after dreaming about living with my bestie since the moment I met him! I still cannot believe that I have a job and that I start work in a few weeks time!

I love to look back at the dreamy memories that I/we’ve made over those last two years and think about the wonderful things we have seen and the places we have been to! In some ways I am so so thankful that I chose to document these precious moments because they will always remain on here for me to read back when I am grey and old.

I’m looking forward to sharing my new life here in Bristol with you all and showing the house as it evolves and develops into a little home! There are a lot of things to look forward to!

Some things to look forward to in the upcoming months?

  • Starting work
  • Housie things
  • Learning to drive and getting my dream mini cooper!
  • Our holiday to Turkey
  • Me turning 23
  • Will’s sister having her baby
  • Will’s Birthday

One chapter of Charzweb may have closed (i.e. being an undergrad) but there is so much more to look forward to! I hope you’ll stick around for some serious adulting as I like to put it!

Here’s to the third blogiversary! I might be a working woman now but I still plan to document my life here!

Thank you for sticking with me!

Let’s raise a metaphorical glass to many more years of documenting this dreamy life!

Tipsy Tapas: I turned twenty one!

I’m pleased to see you liked my adventures in the Peaks (happy dance) Today I am back (without a hangover the size of mars) which should mean I should have a tad more to give to this post (potentially!) On the twenty first of September I turned twenty one. I am now a fully fledged adult who still looks about 12 give or take… It feels like my birthday has been going on forever! I received presents and cards from family in early september! A meal with my friends at home in late August, dreamy adventures and meals throughout september and an abundance of cards which seem to keep on coming as well as presents! I have been one lucky girl! This post is pretty much going to be a run through of my birthday day(s)!

16th September:

My parents and I went to Meadowhall in Sheffield and shared tapas from TGI Fridays! I absolutely love their tapas! We ordered Cajan prawns with jack daniel sauce, chicken wings, mozzarella dippers, potato skins with pulled pork and BBQ houmous with pitta breads! It was very yummy! I also had a banana milkshake!

Milkshake in hand!

After eating we wandered around, did a spot of shopping then I headed back to their hotel for a light supper before they dropped me home!

17th September: 

My parents were driving back down to Poole! So we did a spot of food shopping, went for a carvery and then said our sad goodbyes till Christmas! Later that day Will drove up from Reading and he gave me my beautiful present! He didn’t arrive till quite late so we had a quick pizza and finished the night the usual way with a bottle of shiraz!

18th September:

Will cooked one of my favourite meals which is chicken breast stuffed with mozarella, cheddar and whole grain mustard mixed together and then streaky bacon to cover the chicken! We had it with mediterranean vegetables and ‘mustard’ potatoes! Which of course was accompanied with a bottle of red!



19th September:

We got out of bed fairly late as we decided to have a lie in, then we headed to a pub because Arsenal were playing Chelsea and Will could not miss that! We went to the Common Room in Sheffield which is a sports bar. I of course had a cup of tea whilst being surrounded by males drinking manly drinks! After the football we headed into town, Will found a bargain beard trimmer, I browsed some shops, we popped to Wetherspoons for a bite to eat (I was kindly treated by my love) and we both went for a carbilicious option a hotdog with ALL the trimmings! It was yummy but we were so stuffed that walking back to mine was a tad challenging whilst we contended with our food babies! We got back had an hours nap because walking to get the car to then go to aldi to buy pre drinks for my pre birthday night out! We stuck with a few bottles of red wine of course! We did the usual ring of fire which was followed by Irish snap which was later followed by chase the ace! It’s safe to say I was a tad tipsy! Here is some photographic evidence of said tipsy-ness… In the end we went to our favourite haunt, Plug!




20th September: 

Was the day of the dreamy peak adventures with picnic which you can hear about here!

21st September:

I woke up around 8am, fell asleep again till 9am. Woke back up, demanded Will to turn his laptop on because he had a conference call and we both fell asleep again till 10am! Then I made us drinks (because I am so incredibly nice and he was feeling a tad fragile..) I then sat in bed and opened up my mountain of cards! There was an awful lot!


I opened them up, read them and felt extremely loved, I then hung them along my piece of string (all 35 of them) before hopping into the shower and getting ready for the day! Will headed to work and me and Taylor went to town! We did a little bit of shopping and I managed to pick up two black ‘going out’ dressed for £14! Such a bargain! We then headed to Spoons (what a surprise) for chicken strips before we wandered back home! Taylor also gave me my present which was beautiful (all presents mentioned will be in a ‘what I got for my birthday part two post’ so keep your eyes open! It’s freshers week so it was a given that we were going to go out! I facetimed my mum (it’s really sad they weren’t here but I was looked after extremely well!) Then will surprised me with a beautiful bunch of flowers which I managed to capture whilst on facetime to my mum! (I’ll include a picture at some point) Will then took me out for dinner and we ended up going to Las Iguanas (which for those who don’t know is a Mexican place! We both decided to opt for tapas and we shared five dishes with a side order of southern fries! We went for Nachos, Calamares (Calamari), Chicken wings, Quesadilla (filled tortilla) and Albondigas (meatballs). It was very yummy and seeing as it was happy hour we had a long island iced tea alongside our bottle of Malbeque!


Will eating all the Jalapenos!


It was a really lovely evening (I was a tad tipsy) and we wandered to sainsburys to buy another bottle of wine before we headed home to get ready for the night out! I think we sang many a song on the way back! Then it was time to go out (we were planning to meet my flatmate from last year) In the end we headed to Paris on Carver Street and managed to get in at a discounted price and on the guest list thanks to my lovely boyfriend! vodka mixers were £1 so you can imagine how the night ended! I was only tipsy and the hotel wasn’t very far away! What really got to me were the shots of vodka that Will bought for us and I did admitedly mix a little too much alcohol that night! I was spoilt and was bought copious amounts of drink! It was a really fun night despite there being three of us most of the night! Myself and Taylor of course took selfies in the toilets (it wouldn’t be a night out without a toilet selfie or 20…




It was a really fun night and we stumbled back to Will’s hotel for the night! I had a really good birthday! I feel like it’s been going on for weeks and weeks! I am extremely lucky for having such wonderful people in my life! I am now twenty one. I am a grown up now… even though as you may be able to see I look 12 instead of 21!

Until next time

Love and hugs


Sober sunday musings (albeit slightly hungover)

it’s a Sunday, I’m hanging. Note to self vodka does not agree with you Charlotte… Will you ever learn?

Honest answer, no.

Now we’ve established that I have no desire to cut back with the drinks lets dive into other juicy bits! So what has this wonderful wieek brought I hear you all ask with such excitement about a rather quirky girl’s quirky little life! It’s been quite action packed (literally). I reverted back to a child when we made a visit to our local cinema to watch Mission Impossible, I would like to say  that there were tons of twenty something’s at the pictures with their parents but I’d be lying. The film was good despite feeling about seven years old as I sat between my mother and father. It was a rather odd experience. The nachos were bloody awful. I had such a numb bum and genuinely felt like a pre teen all over again and I sure as hell DO NOT want to be a teenager again… Heck no. So that was one of the weeks delights! On another note I went caching with the parentals. Let’s just say it was a tad different to caching with the boyfriend. Will I miss you. It was fun never the less and we had precious mother, father & daughter time together! I kind of owe them that seeing as I spend most of my life in the UK these days! We went out for a meal to a local restaurant where I surprisingly ordered seafood and not meat! Shock horror! People can now genuinely not get me away from the meat! My Dad had asked them to sing happy birthday to my mum but they forgot so she was happy! This is what I ate…

Seafood salad
Seafood thermidor

Quite a bit of seafood going on! Oh another note I finally admitted that I too like most of women in society was wearing the wrong bra size. In actual fact I was wearing two sizes too small which meant new underwear was needed! I still feel about fourteen… Oh denial what are you like! Anyway I have new sets now! Like actual serious grown up ones. I only bit the bullet and threw out my glorious new look sponge bob underwear that I had for years and years last year… I wish I was joking. I’ve spent a fair amount of time with my family which has been good and cute and nice! I am incredibly lucky for such a wonderful loving family! I’ve also been an absolute cute GF (I think he’d agree) and finally let him in on my date night ideas. I am excited. Mostly about the really cheesy and dirt cheap things which I think he’ll love! Only time will tell but I know for sure that I’ll love them! Ah I absolutely love winter! Come at me my mountain of boots each individually treasured and treated with the upmost respect! As winter is coming (G.O.T) fans I hope you got that little fan line thing I had going on there it means Charlotte (me) will be turning twenty one. Where has the time gone. I still can barely skip. I suck at ironing and have been known to cry whilst making a sandwich if it isn’t going to plan! But despite all these wonderful little Char quirks I’m actually getting old! I’m hopefully getting older and wiser? Hopefully being the word. Anyway so now you now my boobs have increased, I’m pining about Will, I’m edging closer to true adulthood, I’m a family girl who wants all the meat in the world… I’m not sure what else there is to add to this in my opinion rather awful musing! Oh well there’s something which you would all find highly amusing but it’s probably not for the webosphere! I’ll keep that to myself… I’ve been so darn cute this week with emails, date jars and Star Wars themed (just a little reminder that I bloody well love you & I know your love for star wars runs deep) so therefore ‘Yoda only one for me’… Yes I have turned into an absolute sop.


The girl with the cold heart has thawed. I fear with age it’s only going to go downhill and I too like my sweet mother will cry at every single TV show in existence (slight exaggeration) as long as I don’t adopt her cough then sneeze habit I should *touch wood* be ok! Obviously last night was a girls night but I got drunk and called Will. Standard thing really. It was good catching up with the GSY girls! We played a very classy version of the ever popular game ‘ring of fire’ we are classy what else can I say.

Classy ring of fire!

No longer having to use aldis cheap version of everything… hello real deal come to us! It was good! Also had a classy breakfast (which I blogged about… Self promo right there folks) oh I actually did some form of hard graft! I cleaned my old math tutors house because they were downsizing and she paid me and I bought underwear! Woo great investment me thinks! Also finally booked a restaurant for my pre twenty first GSY do! Made a flying visit for a cheeky hot choc on a cold summers day… insert picture here!


It’s actually been a pretty hectic week! Today I sat in a dark room. Not wanting the sun to touch my skin or blind me. I half watched cloudy with a chance of meatballs. What. On. Earth. Then I casually swapped to a horror which was far more entertaining… Both were pretty shoddy and we tested out the BBQ ready for the big family BBQ birthday extravaganza! Exciting times. Anyway I’m bored of hearing my own voice speak this as I type! I’m mused out. I’ll leave you all with a happy picture of my mum opening her presents!


Over & out little web makers!