The end of an era

It's official, I haveΒ finishedΒ my law degree. I am now a law graduate. Y'know what makes it that little bit better? Well I can now confirm that after three long years (which included literal blood, sweat and tears) I am pleased to say that I have achieved a 2:1 in my law degree. I blooming did… Continue reading The end of an era


It’s been two years!

Today is my TWO-YEAR BLOGIVERSARY! I cannot believe it has been two years... So much has happened in those two years! I feel like life has done one massive 180 degree turn. First of all thank you to all of you that still continue to follow and support my little bit of the webosphere! I… Continue reading It’s been two years!

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Tipsy Tapas: I turned twenty one!

I'm pleased to see you liked my adventures in the Peaks (happy dance) Today I am back (without a hangover the size of mars) which should mean I should have a tad more to give to this post (potentially!) On the twenty first of September I turned twenty one. I am now a fully fledged… Continue reading Tipsy Tapas: I turned twenty one!

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Sober sunday musings (albeit slightly hungover)

it's a Sunday, I'm hanging. Note to self vodka does not agree with you Charlotte... Will you ever learn? Honest answer, no. Now we've established that I have no desire to cut back with the drinks lets dive into other juicy bits! So what has this wonderful wieek brought I hear you all ask with… Continue reading Sober sunday musings (albeit slightly hungover)