It’s 2018, what a heckie!

Afternoon! It's 2018... where on earth has the time gone? I kind of failed with the whole Christmas blogging... but I got further than last year (which I suppose is an improvement) Anyway, I'm not apologising because I've been very busy living my life and it seems I'm hardly ever home these days! This post… Continue reading It’s 2018, what a heckie!


It’s been two years!

Today is my TWO-YEAR BLOGIVERSARY! I cannot believe it has been two years... So much has happened in those two years! I feel like life has done one massive 180 degree turn. First of all thank you to all of you that still continue to follow and support my little bit of the webosphere! I… Continue reading It’s been two years!


Late night chats! Let’s start adulting…

Helloooooo! I should probably say good evening! Oh my it's been a busy old time! If any of you follow me on instagram you would know that I spent Easter in sunny Tenerife and I most definitely had a well of a time! Long gone are the days where I can spend hours writing holiday… Continue reading Late night chats! Let’s start adulting…


Monthly gratitude & things to look forward to: January 2017

If you have been following me for a while, you'd know I used to do weekly gratitudes but with life somewhat getting in the way it has been some time since I have written a gratitude. Whilst I was setting my filofax up it dawned on me how I haven't shown my gratitude towards this… Continue reading Monthly gratitude & things to look forward to: January 2017

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It’s always better when we’re together

24th June 2016 The day that changed the future for the younger generation. The day where we signed away our allegiance with the European Union. The day the pound went down to 1.2... The day the history of English law will have to be rewritten. The day we stupidly decided that enough is enough. Congrats guys… Continue reading It’s always better when we’re together

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Meaningful Monday

I jumped on the express train of 'Meaningful Monday' a couple of months back but I must have got off at the wrong stop because my whole making a Monday meaningful and not mundane... clearly came to a halt along the way... So you guessed it! It's time to hop back on board in a bid… Continue reading Meaningful Monday