It’s been a while!

Hello my loves! It has been a while!

Quite a lot has happened since my last post! I’d like to think this girl has been doing some serious adulting since we last spoke! So let’s try and rewind… last time we spoke properly I had just left the North and was heading to Bristol! The only thing I knew for absolute certain was where I was going to live (obvs with Will). That was it. I had somewhere to live but not a lot else!

I was feeling pretty crappy because I’d hurt my foot (no idea how but it turns out it was quite badly hurt which resulted in a 5hr round trip from the doctors surgery to A&E several weeks later) We popped over to France to see Will’s family last weekend! We managed to nab a sofa which was excellent! Overall it’s been quite hectic. On a plus note I’ve pimped by crutches so to speak…

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 15.43.24.png

Oh and I might have failed to mention that I have got a job in central bristol as a legal recruiter and I couldn’t be any happier?

I mean I’ve been one lucky girl because I had been told by Will and my Mum to not be disheartened until I have at least applied for 30+ jobs. You can imagine their faces when I get an interview for the first job I applied for 30 mins after applying, get a call back and secure a job to start in just under a months time!

Yes, I’m blooming proud of myself!

In other news the house is coming together rather nicely! the floor is down, furniture has been bought and the sofa is arriving on Wednesday! It’s looking so much more homely downstairs and soon we will not be confined to spending our time in the bedroom! I’m really looking forward to watching OITNB on that dreamy sofa come Wednesday night!

I also popped back home to Guernsey for a week a little while back! I had an absolutely lovely time and we had the nicest afternoon tea (it was served on a mini picnic bench!!!)

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 15.36.53.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 15.37.59.png

see! wasn’t it adorable! I basically just spent the whole week eating…

On a much sadder note my beloved Fizzy finally went to Kitty-Cat heaven, it was awfully upsetting as she has been a part of my life for over 17 years! Everyone was devastated. In some ways I still cannot quite believe she has gone!

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 15.40.30.png

There’s definitely been some ups and well as downs as of late! However it’s on to a new chapter! I just had to include the amazing Banksy EU piece that we saw on our way to France whilst driving through Dover! I have no idea how he get away with that!!!

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 15.44.28.png

So yeah that’s a brief update! I’m rather hungry and need to now hobble down the stairs! Until next time ❤

Monthly gratitude & things to look forward to: January 2017


If you have been following me for a while, you’d know I used to do weekly gratitudes but with life somewhat getting in the way it has been some time since I have written a gratitude. Whilst I was setting my filofax up it dawned on me how I haven’t shown my gratitude towards this dreamy adventure. I think it is more achievable to write a monthly gratitude! So my little webblings that is what is going to happen. I shall post a monthly gratitude which will consist of a small summary, things I am looking forward to as well as six reasons why I am grateful!

Lets’ go!

We are two weeks into the new year, my heart is most definitely full. I feel somewhat overwhelmed with sheer gratitude and anticipation for the coming year. I feel like a child who has been let loose in a toy shop. So far 2017 is treating us well. It the year in which a lot of changes will happen and there are a considerable number of milestones which will need to be documented along the way. So far January 2017 has been quite laid back, I’ve spent precious time with my family as life is about to change and I will not be popping back home anytime soon. I have had some delicious food and had the tastiest steak with my parents the other night! I also went out for food with my Auntie and Mum on Friday for lunch as well as coffee, brunch and catch ups with the girls!

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 16.36.52.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 16.37.32.png


This is my final weekend in Guernsey for quite some time, today we went on a lovely wintery walk (me and Mum) and stopped for a cheeky hot chocolate at Bordeaux. It was beautiful. Such a precious moment to hold onto and treasure.


Things to look forward to:

  • Being reunited with Will in Bristol
  • Each day spent in Sheffield is a step closer to the last
  • Settling back into a routine
  • Cooking meals and cakes in a mug
  • Getting back to my 10k steps a day


Six gratitudes:

  • Precious moments spent with those I love.
  • Being reunited with my one and only.
  • Delicious food consumed with nearest and dearest.
  • Catch up with friends
  • Dreams about the future
  • Upcoming big and exciting changes


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


It’s me again. I apologise in advance that I am now officially in Christmas mode (I’m not focusing on the bit where I have a mountain of work to do before hand but it’s all ok!)

I love Christmas.

Christmas to me is about spending time with those who mean the most to you and in my opinion I think it’s about making dreamy memories! So yes. That is what Christmas means to me at least. I did the 12 Days of Christmas challenge last year and I decided to see whether it was still a thing this year but I can’t find an awful lot about it. I think I’ll do some sort of daily Christmas post because they were so fun to write. If you are intrigued then head over to where it all began! So I felt like the best place to start with making my blogosphere festive is with a CHRISTMAS TAG!


What is your favourite Christmas movie/s?

My favourite Christmas movie without a doubt is Love Actually. I absolutely adore this film. I have watched it countless time, it never gets old, I love Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. I love the stories, I love how it’s real, how it’s hilarious and just altogether absolutely brilliant. If you have never watched this movie then seriously… what are you doing with your lives! YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE AT CHRISTMAS. I guess what makes it even better is that Will loves this film and will happily watch it with me multiple time


Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
When I was little I used to be open one present on Christmas Eve, we used to go to midnight mass and to keep me entertained I used to be able to take my pressie to church. I remember getting Nintendo dogs and playing it during the service. BUT to answer the question, we open presents on Christmas morning before we get ready to head to church.

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
I remember waking up in our really tall and narrow house in Guernsey and racing down three flights of stairs to see the most magical sight ever… snowy reindeer footprints and some big snowy hefty boot prints. That was literally the best thing ever.

Favourite festive food?
Its all about the stuffing and pigs in blankets. I mean after being veggie for a number of Christmas’s I was kidding myself that mushroom lattice was on a level playing field to the likes of sausies and bacon. What a narna.

Favourite Christmas gift?
This is hard, I love all my gifts that I am given. I remember getting my huge Sylvanian House on the hill one year for Christmas and it was so plush! There was a ceramic bathroom, huge dining table, living room furniture, television, ceramic oven and so worth. It was amazing and Sylvanians were definitely my favourite. I also got this Polly Pocket glitter Cinderella palace. It lit up, had so many attachments and secret rooms and was just so incredibly grand. It was small which meant I could take it with me to my Aunties and it kept me entertained.

Favourite Christmas scent?
I love the smell of mulled wine and warm mince pies. I am obsessed with the two. I went to tesco the other day to be told they didn’t have any in stock… So I headed to Sainsburys and asked the very important question ‘do you have mulled wine in stock’ thankfully they did and I left the shop with several bottles of the winter warmer and yummy treats!

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 16.38.46.png

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
I have always gone to midnight mass on Christmas Eve and like I said when I was younger I’d open 1 gift. Otherwise it’s normally just setting up for Christmas and prepping the vegetables. Last year I spent the majority of the Day with Will.

What tops your tree?
It is a golden star! We have had it even since I was little and fits in nicely with our colour scheme of red and gold!

As a kid what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?
I don’t really think I’ve ever asked for anything that ‘crazy, wild or extravagent’ to be honest. I mean this year I jokingly said that a job would be nice but let’s say I didn’t get much response to that…

What’s the best part about Christmas for you?
As I said at the beginning the best part of Christmas is being with those who mean the most to me. I live hundreds maybe thousands of miles away from my family. Christmas is one of those times where we all get together. Also Will’s family is also in Guernsey which means we get to see each other is well which is fab ❤

Adding in my own question because I JUST NEED to mention it… what is your favourite part about the run up to Christmas? Advent calendars! I love advent calendars. This year I have the BEST advent calendar of all time (thanks to William) who is amazing and spent a bloody fortune on this beauty… wait for it MOOMINS! I freaking love the Moomins, so much so I might have spent the night before advent watching Moomins on the Riviera to reacquaint myself with the characters once again as it has been probably been about 18 years since I’d watched it properly.

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 19.15.19.pngScreen Shot 2016-12-02 at 19.15.05.png

So yes! That it my little Christmas tag, feel free to join in and tell me all about your magical Christmas’s

Love and Hugs

C xxx

Festive chats!


It’s Thursday and I’ve just batted out 500 words on my dissenting judgement and I have like 1000ish words. Not too shabby CMEW! So I thought I would take the time to write a quick post!  So hello to all you wonderful webblings! It’s definitely getting chillier right? I did a bit of a stupid thing and failed to bring any of my warm (I could fall asleep wearing you) type jumpers along with me to the South! It’s blooming cold down here so goodness knows how cold it is up North! I’ll find out soon enough!

Anyway, this has most definitely been my laziest week by far! I think the most steps I’ve managed this week is just over 2000 which is disgraceful! We did however do 17k on Sunday! I’m not even sure how? Apparently coat shopping, finding a pikey shop, walking to Whetherspoons and an afternoon of geocaching totalled up to that whopping number? Who knows I’m not going to question it. Let’s just say I did not feel remotely guilty when I gobbled up a buttermilk chicken burger and dinner that day!

In other news… I am starting to feel super duper festive! I mean the John Lewis advert came out today! I mean that just screams it’s going to be Christmas soon! I’ll leave a picture…


I’m really not amused by the Guardian however who have tried to ruin this cheery and cute video by implying that Buster the Boxer is Donald Trump. Yes, you heard me correctly. I still think it’s cute and refuse to read into it any further. According to the Guardian, Buster the dog is Trump, Bridget is Clinton and the trampoline is America…. sureeee whatever you say. I refuse to comment on yesterdays antics, just let me blooming enjoy some Christmas cuteness without sabotaging everything that you possibly can. As I often say to those who know me well…. that is NOT ok.

Anyway, before I lose my festive cheer, I’m going to just cut that there. I am looking forward to Christmas! I haven’t seen my family in months! It’s been the longest I’ve gone without seeing them! My Mumsie surprised me yesterday and said that she wants to come over and see me and then we can both go home together! How blooming cute is she? So she has booked our flights! She is coming on the 13th December and then we both fly home early on the 16th! I’m just excited to see everyone and to see the little ones! I’m sure Seb is looking incredibly grown up by now and Lou, well she’s probably still the same Lou I love and adore. Talking of Lou, she is three today! Where on earth has the time gone?

In other festive news, me and Will have picked up our Christmas jumpers! We got them from Primark and I got mine from the mens section but it’s all good! We are ready for Christmas jumper wearing!


Thankfully Rudolphs nose is not on my chest region, it could look a little bit dodgy! I got it in a small and it fits pretty darn well. I didn’t want anything too OTT! Will had originally found one with bells on and there was a delightful one that said ‘Jingle my bells’. Will managed to find a Star Wars themed one which of course was very him and he snapped it up pretty darn quickly! We have also started cracking out what Will likes to call ‘the winter warmer’… oh what on earth could it be?


Come to Charrrrr! 

I blooming love mulled wine and Tesco is an absolutely babe and is selling it for like £3.50… how fab is that? So we have been watching films or TV in bed with a glass of the hot stuff! I apologise in advance for the awful picture. It really doesn’t do my bae justice…


I could carry on chatting away all day most probably, in a bid to avoid this dissenting judgement (oh what fun!) I’m already really looking forward to my ham, philly and tom sandwich… so incredibly sad!

I’m trying to rack my brain on what festive things I did on my blogosphere last year… I think it was like a 12 Day Christmas Challenge which I thoroughly enjoyed and will be hopping on board that festive bandwagon this year if its still a thing that is…

Right I should go. I need to listen to a pod cast on Equity and Trust and battle my way through cases to write this judgement!

Ciao amigos ❤