Sometimes life doesn’t go to plan.


Hello it’s meeeee!

It has been a little while since this girl posted on here. I do not particularly want to go into the deets of my life… BUT I do want to acknowledge the fact that sometimes life just doesn’t go to plan no matter how hard you try.

So nearly a month ago I become a law graduate (I blooming got a 2.1, I’m so proud of little old me!) and I made the move to Bristol to be with my baby (that’s Will… not an actual baby FYI). However since I’ve moved to Bristol I have been in quite the sorry state so to speak. For those of you that have read my previous posts would already know that I’ve been having trouble with my left foot for over two months now and it was only a recent development that I can now walk around the shops without my trusty crutch (which has been with me absolutely EVERYWHERE).

I know I’ve not been my self because I have actively chosen to chuck myself in a wheelchair at any given opportunity because I simply just did not have it in me to walk… seemed a tad dramatic especially as I am used to ankle injuries and have managed amicably in the past. I suppose at some points I did second guess why I was feeling quite so ropy.

Anyhoo, my foot basically just turned ‘sassy’ over night and I was complaining to Will… oh my foot hurts, does it look swollen? I really can’t walk on this. It did all seem a tad odd especially as it was my left side (the side that is determined to be an absolute sass pot!)

Then probably around 2.5 weeks ago something else happened, something which was a little more scary. Something which made Will phone the doctor and basically dragged me kicking and screaming about all my ‘issues’. So that appointment was literally so surreal. The things she said to me, I don’t really think I was taking it all in. The result of that appointment amounted in a further referral to a certain kind of specialist and a quick turn around appointment for a procedure. It has been quite the action packed time! What with all these medical thingies.

I don’t want to go into details, but I’ve had to put ‘things’ on hold for now. I’ve had to admit that I just need a bit of time out from e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g

The whole sodding point of this post is that life isn’t exactly going to plan, its not quite panning out as I had envisaged BUT I have so much to be thankful and grateful for! I am so blooming blessed to be surrounded by the most fantastic cheerleaders imaginable (female and male may I add).

I didn’t plan to start our co-habiting life together quite like this?


You know what? Life is what you make of it? What good is there staying in bed and just worrying yourself and wasting precious moments thinking about the what ifs? I’m not letting this small set back phase me because in the scheme of things I’m one lucky girl to have all that I have and to have such an amazing support network!

The moral of this post is that sometimes things don’t go to plan but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of absolutely everything, I try to think of it as a small diversion? I suppose I’ve got to add a good 45 mins onto my journey due to a certain road being closed (which admittedly is blooming annoying but it’s not the end of the world is it?)

So my life motto for life right now is this…


(it actually matches the colour of my top…)

I am blessed.


I am so incredibly blessed.


It’s times like these that make me feel the most blessed. Both myself and Will have been blessed with the most loving and wonderful families imaginable. I have such a wide and wonderful support network, I have the most wonderful man who is always by my side. My parents are just incredible and they truly are my best friends.

I was scared that people would call me a quitter but was quickly reassured that this girl is no quitter. I am blooming proud of all that I have accomplished and the woman I have become. I have a brilliant life, I am so lucky to have what I have. Life itself is a gift. Every day in this world is a gift and I feel like I truly am making the most of this wondrous gift.

The one thing I have learn on this big old adventure is that sometimes it is ok to ask for help, it is ok to not always have it together and it’s ok to crumble at times. I know it feels like I am talking in riddles which do not appear to make a lot of sense but this is my space. This is bit of the webosphere where I can write whatever the hell I want.

There’s currently quite a lot stacked against me… but as the song goes



Late night chats! Let’s start adulting…


I should probably say good evening! Oh my it’s been a busy old time! If any of you follow me on instagram you would know that I spent Easter in sunny Tenerife and I most definitely had a well of a time! Long gone are the days where I can spend hours writing holiday posts! However that will soon be changing! In fact quite a lot of things are changing in my life. I can’t quite believe that my law degree is basically over. I have one exam on Thursday and then I have a one way ticket to Bristol!

Big heckie.

Looking back at my time spent in Sheffield, I don’t think I’d change any of it! I don’t think I’d even change the cringe worthy/bad bits because, well they were all part of this journey! I have changed unbelievable amounts since first year and it is crazy to think of all the things I did during my student years! First year me had to kiss an awful lot of frogs till I found my match.


Yeah for some crazy reason I thought dying my hair bleach blond was a fabulous idea and let’s not comment on the proportions of the frog (the frogs I kissed ranged in size…). I also moved into a lot of different properties (some of which were better than others), I’ve lived with people and I’ve lived on my own. I feel like I’ve done it all! At times I’ve felt overwhelmed with the amount of work and felt completely out of my depth but despite this I have done it!!! It is crazy that I’m pretty much no longer a student and that I will not walk through those doors again! I feel like I’ll spend Friday wandering around Sheffield and just remembering all that has happened! Now comes the inevitable question?

What comes next? 

Well I’m starting all over again in Bristol, taking a rather big heckie step and moving in with my boy (we didn’t think we’d ever get there). So I guess I need to decide what to do next. I feel currently a tad overwhelmed.



So erm yeah, this is where we currently are! And I feel like the stick drawing really does resemble how I feel about deciding what I should be doing for the rest of my life. I mean it’s ok to feel overwhelmed so I have been told so let’s roll with it! Who knows what the next chapter of the story will be and what it will contain! Perhaps this will be the beginning of depicting myself through stick drawings! Oh the possibilities are endless. All I know is that I blooming hate covenants and land law and I am very much forward to 4:10 on Thursday when I will officially be as free as a bird and then I need to figure out what this little lady (age 22.5) wants to do for the rest of her life. Not a hard decision to make really!… Will is off to Norway again for work and I need to push forward with this land malarky. I am so looking forward to buying a book and sitting on the train not having to think about anything related to law! I think once I’ve actually sorted myself out and do not feel in a constant state of limbo I’ll feel a lot more prepared to do some serious adulting.

This is it folks. Charzweb is entering a whole new chapter of proper real life adulting. Excitement probably outweighs the nerves (just about)

Let’s start adulting then shall we?!

NGL… I’d rather be eating dessert —->

Book review: My Not So Perfect Life, Sophie Kinsella

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 21.05.10.png

Guess whose back? Back again!

It’s meeeeee.

I’m all about book reviews these days, in fact my book addiction will only escalate once my degree is over because you will most definitely find me curled up with a book in the lounge or when it’s sunny propped up in the garden basking in the sun with another beauty! But alas for now I am swamped with work and cannot justify too much reading!

Anyway, I’ll get distracted and start spouting utter nonsense… I mean it’s not already a regular occurrence right?

So, it might shock you to hear that this was the first book I had read by Sophie Kinsella! It’s not my normal kind of genre, I’m more of a ‘who’dun’it girl but I’ve recently been quite the dare devil! I got the book in hardback and it was so very satisfying to hold and don’t even start me on the smell! In fact Will was on about buying me a kindle but I just enjoy the holding of the book and the glorious covers!

So, the book was based upon a character called Katie Brenner, otherwise known as ‘Kat’ in her ‘other life’. She basically works in London in some form of marketing. The book explores the concept of perception verses reality which I particularly likes. Kat was infamous for posting juicy images on instagram of posh coffee that you need to take out a loan to afford, fancy restaurants and daily life in London! It was always Kat’s dream to live in London after she left university and was adamant that she did not want to return home to Somerset where her Dad and Step-mum lived. Kat lived in London is a ‘cool flat’ had a ‘glamorous job’, ‘fabulous commute’ and to the outside word everything looked tickety boo! In reality her room in the house share was so small that she had to use a hammock to store her stuff, the flatmates were questionable and the commute was diabolical! Instagram however told a different story but she was sure it was about to change!

That was till she was dismissed from her job and didn’t know what the heck to do! She headed back to sleepy Somerset when she heard of an exciting venture that her dad and Step Mum had thought of doing … glamping…

Oh I forgot. Of course there is a man on the scene, it’s a very realistic love story. It’s a very real reality for a lot of people, living in London isn’t as glam as it might sound! Another big character of the book is Katie’s boss who gave her the sack. It seems that Demeter (her now ex-boss) has the perfect life with fancy house, perfect kids and high flying career… I’m not going to spoil it but us humans are all too quick to judge at times!

It was a very enlightening read and asked one to readdress that we should not be so quick to judge and behind closed doors not everything is as peachy as it seems!

It’s mostly definitely a great representation of many people and I think a lot of readers can relate! It’s a very easy to read book and the characters are extremely memorable! I’m not one to spill the whole plot… so my advice is to read it! I would like to put it in the ‘very easy to read category’ and is absolutely ideal when your flight is cancelled and you are stranded at the airport for 12 hours…

Good book.