It’s been a while!

Hello my loves! It has been a while! Quite a lot has happened since my last post! I’d like to think this girl has been doing some serious adulting since we last spoke! So let’s try and rewind… last time we spoke properly I had just left the North and was heading to Bristol! The only thing I … More It’s been a while!

Belated gratitude!

Evening you gorgeous bunch! Here is a belated gratitude for you to sink your teeth (more like eyes) into! The last 10 days have been crazy busy! So where do I begin? Well, Will’s lovely sister married her love and it was such a beautiful day! She looked absolutely stunning! My parents celebrated 25 years of … More Belated gratitude!

Let’s Brunch!

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast – students who brunch!       I haven’t left the house in a while. This is in itself was a momentous occasion especially after my weekend of being a poorly one (I’m still poorly). A whole post dedicated to brunch. I bet you all are incredibly jel … More Let’s Brunch!

Food talk

As promised I am back with a post all about… you guessed it… FOOD. I love food, food is friend. (just not too much or too little) I made a rather thrilling trip to Marks & Spencers this morning to buy a few little goodies which I was really fancying! I’m trying to be good… myself … More Food talk

Weekend gratitudes!

Evening! This weeks gratitudes is going to be a little different! The next few weeks are just jam packed with work and revision so I doubt there will be a whole lot of fantastic and fun things to be thankful for (potentially next week when Will is meant to be visiting) but apart from that … More Weekend gratitudes!

Saturday Gratitudes!

Happy Saturday little webblings! What is this little lady grateful for this week?  For delicious pancakes and the most delightful smoothie before an early morning flight!  For the wonderful gift of precious new life ❤     For safe and easy travel!      For a delicious Mr Whippy & flake overlooking the beautiful headland and … More Saturday Gratitudes!